Checklist for Search and Screen Procedures

Appointed Bi-Weekly Positions - CL/TE/SM

General Information:

  • All appointed full-time bi-weekly positions must follow the recruitment procedures outlined in the Recruitment Procedures for Appointed Positions as listed below. Bi-weekly positions will not utilize a Search and Screen committee unless approved by the Affirmative Action Officer/Chief of Staff.
    • All positions will be listed on Indiana University’s On-Line Application system, PeopleAdmin.
    •  All advertisements and job postings will direct applicants to apply via PeopleAdmin.  
  • The Chancellor has the following options available to him/her for a search:
    • Proceed with a search following the outlined procedures
    • Waive the search process and appoint an individual to fill the position
    • Elect to conduct an internal search
    • May be internal to Indiana University 
    • May be internal to Indiana University Kokomo

If you have questions, please contact the Affirmative Action Officer/Chief of Staff or Director of Human Resources.

1. Review job description:

  • Hiring official must review the current job description and make any necessary changes before beginning the recruitment process.
  • After review, Hiring official must send the updated or current job description to the Director of Human Resources and note any changes.
  • If Human Resources determines the changes to the job description are significant enough to require additional review, the information will be forwarded to the Affirmative Action Officer/Chief of Staff to take appropriate action.

2. Complete the Position Request Authorization form:

  • Hiring official must include justification for the position with the Position Request Authorization form, including any additional support costs
  • Hiring official sends the form to the appropriate vice-chancellor or member of Cabinet for approval
  • Vice-chancellor or appropriate Cabinet member will forward the form to the Executive Administrative Assistant in the office of the Chancellor, to secure the signatures and approval of Affirmative Action Officer/Chief of Staff, Vice Chancellor for Finance, and the Chancellor
  • After approval, Chancellor’s office will notify hiring official and Director of Human Resources and the Affirmative Action Officer/Chief of Staff. A copy of the signed Position Authorization form and position justification will be forwarded to these offices.

3. Meeting

  • Hiring official schedules a meeting with the Director of Human Resources to discuss the search process, timeline for the search, and interviews
  • Director of Human Resources and/or hiring official develops the advertisement/position announcement and the recruitment plan
  • All ads and position announcements must include these statements:
  • To apply to this position, please visit and submit a [required materials]. Review of applications will begin Day, Month Date, Year. Position will remain open until filled. For more information about IU Kokomo and this position, visit our website at
  • Indiana University Kokomo is committed to preparing students to engage an increasingly diverse society.  We seek professionals committed to higher education with knowledge and experience working with diverse cultures and communities.  Our employees are expected to be willing to engage in innovative methods of assisting with diversity efforts in our campus community. 
  • Persons needing assistance to participate in this application process should contact the Office of Affirmative Action at 765-455-9221.  Verification of a disability may be required.
  • Indiana University is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, ethnicity, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation or identity, national origin, disability status, or protected veteran status. This institution is also a provider of ADA services.

4. Advertisements and recruitment plans must be approved by the Affirmative Action Officer/Chief of Staff


5. Advertise the position

  • All positions will be listed on PeopleAdmin, and in appropriate/requested publications and Web sites
  • IU Kokomo internal postings will be posted for 5 working days. External postings should be posted for at least 10 working days.

6. Review the applicant pool

  • Human Resources will perform the initial screening of applicants to ensure candidates meet the minimum qualifications
  • Hiring official will review the pool of applicants and designate the candidates they would like to interview   
  • Hiring official forwards the initial candidate pool to the Affirmative Action Officer/Chief of Staff and Human Resources for review and approval
  • Affirmative Action Officer/Chief of Staff notifies the hiring official and the Director of Human Resources when the candidate pool is approved
  • After approval, Human Resources will:
  • Contact the candidates and give them additional information about the position, the campus, and requests salary expectations
  • Determine if the individual wishes to remain in the candidate pool
  • Update PeopleAdmin should any of the candidates withdraw from the search
  • Notify the hiring official of any changes in the candidate pool, or any concerns regarding salary, withdrawal reasons, failure to contact, etc.

7. Schedule candidates for interviews

  • The Office of Human Resources will schedule phone interviews and/or on campus interviews with the selected candidates
  • Human Resources updates candidate status in PeopleAdmin

8. Interview candidates

  • Director of Human Resources and hiring official will interview candidates
  • Interviews will be scheduled with others as appropriate for the position
  • Interviews will be scheduled with the appropriate vice-chancellor when applicable
  • Faculty and staff will be notified if open sessions are scheduled
  • Hiring official or designee escorts candidate(s) the day of the on-campus interview

9. Evaluate candidates

  • Participants in the interview process should complete a Candidate Evaluation Form
  • Hiring official should submit a written report of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses within three (3) days following the final interview to the appropriate vice-chancellor or cabinet member, the affirmative action office and human resources for hiring and salary approval from Affirmative Action and Affirmative Action Officer/Chief of Staff.
  • Affirmative Action Officer/Chief of Staff notifies Hiring official, Vice-Chancellor or appropriate Cabinet member, and Human Resources of approval of hiring and salary recommendation

10. Approve Candidate

  • Hiring official checks references on the approved candidate s/he wishes to recommend for the position
  • Hiring official sends copy of reference checks to human resources 
  • After references are checked, Director of Human Resources extends a verbal offer to selected candidate and initiates a Hiring Proposal in PeopleAdmin
  • After candidate accepts verbal offer, the Office of Human Resources sends written offer letter to candidate
  • After candidate returns written acceptance of offer, the Office of Human Resources sends copy to hiring official and to the Affirmative Action Officer/Chief of Staff
  • Office of Human Resources notifies all other candidates that the position has been filled