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Department of History, Political Science,
and Philosophy

Pearl Buck said, “If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.” If you are fascinated by the rise and fall of empires, the events leading to the world wars, and how events of the past relate and are mirrored in modern times, you’ll feel right at home in the Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy at Indiana University Kokomo. When you are a part of this program, you won’t just have your nose in a textbook; this program is interdisciplinary and hands on. 

I couldn’t do any of the things I want to do without my degree. My dream is to be an archivist. I want to be the person to go to when people need to find tidbits of information, or documents. I want to be the person who can put my hands on that and find it. I love books, and I love information.

Julia Person, B.A. ‘17, History and Political Science 

The history/political science program offers a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in History/Political Science and several minors for you to choose from. You can get involved with your peers and faculty by joining the Philosophy Club or the History/Political Science Club; check out our Facebook page to see what we do for fun around here! 

A Lifetime of Success

Military mechanic earns history degree
Julia Person describes herself as “a glorified gas station attendant.” However, that description would only be apt if your average gas station could fly at a speed of 530 miles per hour at 30,000 feet above the earth, and carry up to 322,000 pounds of fuel. As a crew chief for the U.S. Air Force Reserves, Julia is responsible for maintaining a KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft.
World War II stories come to life in Europe
The cost of freedom is starkly real at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. The peaceful, pristine site contains the graves of 9,385 U.S. military members, most of whom lost their lives in the D-Day landings and ensuing operations — along with the Wall of the Missing, inscribed with the names of 1,557 lost and never found. It was a sight that moved Indiana University Kokomo student Sarah Gill to tears, especially as the granddaughter of a veteran.
Philosophy students teach thinking skills
More than half of the children in Debbie Newby’s class think spiders are beautiful. The rest of the third-graders think spiders most definitely are not beautiful — not in the least. During a conversation led by students in an Indiana University Kokomo philosophy class, “Team Spider” talked about the colors, patterns, and function of the arachnids, all of which contribute to their beauty. “Team No Spider” shuddered as they brought up the sticky webs, the long legs, the potential to bite, and the general creepiness of spiders. Could both sides be right?
Future teacher gains experience
Student teaching in a high school history class is less intimidating after presenting research at a national conference, and answering questions from doctoral students. Brianne Poor, a double major in history and political science and education at Indiana University Kokomo, was among the presenters at the Pi Sigma Alpha political science conference in Washington D.C., contributing her scholarship on how to accommodate more nations seeking membership in the United Nations Security Council.
Last updated: 09/10/2018