Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Postbaccaleaurate Certificate in New Media, Art, and Technology

As the world around us begins to rely more and more on technology, maybe you’ve realized you need to add a few more skills to your repertoire to advance in your career. A Postbaccaleaurate Certificate in New Media, Art, and Technology from Indiana University Kokomo is designed just for you. This certificate was created for those who already have a four-year college degree and want to add graphic design, web design, studio art, or digital media experience to their skillset.

Since you already have the general education of a four-year degree, the goal for this certificate is to get you into classes you want or need right away. The certificate consists of just 18 credit hours, or six courses. You can decide whether you want a broad taste of the world of new media, art, and technology or if you’d like to specialize in a one particular aspect.  

For more detailed information regarding the course offerings and requirements, visit our Academic Bulletin. If you’re ready to get started, speak with an admissions counselor today!