On Campus Employment Process

Many international students can make an income by working on campus.

On-campus employment refers to any job you perform on campus where you are paid by Indiana University. As an international student, you may be employed in a student hourly position or hold an assistantship. You will not be eligible for work-study positions because they are part of a federally funded program.

Additionally, international students can work for businesses that operate on campus such as the Cougar Country Café and the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Contact IU Kokomo - Office of International Student Services (OISS) before you accept any on-campus employment not paid by IU.

You will need to acquire a Social Security Number in order to legally work in the United States. Please request a job offer letter from the hiring department. They will complete part of an employment letter and will send it to the Office of International Student Services for DSO approval. You will receive your employment letter from the OISS once it is completed. You will take the employment letter, your passport, and I-20 to the Social Security Administration Office to apply for your Social Security Number. 

What are the rules I must follow to be legally employed?

As an international student, you must meet certain conditions so that you can maintain your status and be employed legally. You must:

  • Enroll as a full-time student
  • Work no more than 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters
  • If you have an assistantship or fellowship, the number of hours "worked" is determined by what is in your contract, not on the actual number of hours you may work. For example, if your assistantship contract states 20 hours, but you only work 15 hours, you are still at your maximum number of hours because of what is listed in your contract.
  • Work full time only during official university breaks (summer break, winter break, and spring break) IU temporary (hourly) employees are subject to certain limits.  If you have multiple on campus jobs, please make sure that all of your employers know about all of your jobs.
  • If you fail to maintain status, your employment will end immediately on the day you fall out of status.
  • If you transfer out to another university, your last day of employment at IU will be the day your SEVIS record gets transfer out.

Information for employers

Please complete section one of the Social Security Employment Letter. Once you have completed section one of the form, please print on your department letterhead, sign under the category of Employer Signature, and send the document through campus mail or courier to the Office of International Student Services (located in KC 240). The OISS will complete section two of the form and then the student will take the form to the Social Security Administration Office. While it is legal for the student to be officially hired before obtaining a social security number, it is recommended that you wait till the student actually receives the number to avoid complication. Please contact IUK – OISS should you have any additional concern.Do not offer your international student employee more than 20 hours per week while school is in session.If the student has more than one position on campus, the total hours per week between all positions is still 20 hours during fall and spring semesters.Students who are on F-2 status are not eligible to work. 

Should you have any question please feel free to contact iukoiss@iuk.edu.