Climate in Kokomo Indiana

Situated in the north central region of Indiana, Kokomo enjoys the climate of all four seasons.  Spring is generally cool and rainy, while summer can have high humidity and hot.  The fall season is beautiful with mild weather and great scenery.  Winter in Indiana is cold with temperature reaching subzero with heavy snow.  Students should prepare appropriate clothes for these climates, especially the cold season.  The coolest month is January, while the warmest month is July.  Students may visit the Weather Channel for more information.

climate chart

Autumn/Fall (September – November)

Fall Weather

In the fall, temperatures are typically clear and cool.  The weather may vary from day-to-day, but most students are comfortable dressed in short-sleeved shirts and parts or shorts.  On cooler days, a light jacket or sweatshirt may be necessary to keep warm.

Winter (November – February)


November is typically when you will notice a change in the weather, and the days will gradually get cooler.  You may need long sleeves and pants, layers of clothes, and a jacket.  When the weather is at its coldest, coats, hats, and gloves are necessary to keep warm.  In the height of winter, temperatures are often below freezing, and heavy snow is expected. Cold temperatures usually last at least through February, but can last much longer.  International students coming from hot climates should prepare appropriate clothes for this season

Spring (March – May)


Spring weather usually begins in March.  Spring often has rain and some severe weather, such as thunderstorms, so it is a good idea to own an umbrella or raincoat.  The weather changes quickly throughout the day during the spring, so it is best to dress in layers and be ready for all types of weather.

Summer (June – August)


Temperatures during the summer can be very hot with high levels of humidity.  Most students on campus wear shorts with short-sleeved shirts and sandals.