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Abstract Guidelines

Instructions for Nominating and Mentoring Students: 

  1. Contact students directly and let them know that you think they have produced some quality work and that you urge them to present this work at the IU Kokomo Student Symposium.
  2. This student work can include research papers, studies, art, posters, creative writing, etc. “Research” is not limited solely to traditional forms of academic endeavor.
  3. Meet with students after initial nomination to discuss how the work might be altered to best move from a classroom production to something suitable for symposium presentation.
  4. Check in with students via email periodically to assess their progress in preparation for the symposium.
  5. Meet with students just prior to symposium to make sure the work is ready, students are clear on presentation etiquette, and students know their presentation days and times.  

Section 1: Abstract Title

  • Use title case. Ex: Using Title Case is Important

Section 2: Author Names & Research Address

  • The presenting author's name comes first, followed by the names of every other author.
    • Every author should have their names listed in this order: first name, middle initial (if desired), and last name. Ex: Zohn Z. Zmith, Harold H. Hinterbottom, & Samantha S. Starburst.
    • Do not use titles (Dr.) or degrees (Ph.D.).
      • Following immediately after the author names is the address where the authors conducted research (not the school address of the author).
      • The research address should contain the name of the department, program, school, city, state, and zip code.
  • Use the official names of schools and departments.
    • If any author comes from a different school, institution, or company, use numbered superscripts to refer to the addresses, which you can then list at the bottom of the abstract in the Crediting Research/Funding Sources section.

Section 3: Mentor Credit

  • Include the heading “Mentor(s):” followed by the mentor's name(s).

Section 4: Abstract Body

  • Word count: The body of the abstract should contain no more than 200 words.
  • If you have more than one paragraph, separate paragraphs with a blank line.

Section 5: Crediting Research/Funding Source

  • Each unique item should appear on a new line, separated by a blank line.
  • Funding acknowledgements go below any extra addresses.
  • It is essential that you credit any sources of grant support for your research.
  • Consult with your mentor for proper support statements for mentor's funding.
  • Only research-related grants/scholarships/fellowships/programs should be noted.


Title of Abstract

Ace T. Hinterbottom and Jane H. Starburst1. Acme Research Center, City, State, Zip Code

Mentor: Sage Edelweiss

Author introduces the main subject and purpose of the research/project, indicates why the research/project is important, and places the research/project in a larger topical context. Author describes data sources and methods of data collection and convinces the reader that the methods employed were appropriate to the research/project. Author describes what they learned, providing outcomes for the main results or an explanation for why no results were achieved. Author relates the results to the research/project question. Author describes the correlation between the research/project and its results, and the conclusions, anticipated or final, that they draw from the research/project. Author describes how their work will contribute to the field.

1 Bacme Research Place, City, State, Zip Code

Research for this project was supported by a grant from Acme Grants and the IUPUI Center for Research and Learning Program Title.

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