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Poster Guidelines

Posters... Printing Large Format Posters for the Symposium. 

Students participating in the IU Kokomo Student Research Symposium are REQUIRED to have their poster printed in the IU Kokomo library.  Posters dimensions should be 36” x 48”.  Instructions for creating and printing the posters follow. There is no charge to students for printing their posters in the library. Please contact Greg Ogle, or call 765-455-9589 for assistance.

Print course project and symposium posters (typically 36" x 48") in beautiful color!  Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create the posters and then print the posters on the HP DesignJet 4520 Multi-function printer in the Library Learning Commons!  Printing the posters is very cost competitive compared to printing them at local commercial businesses

NOTE:  The tutorials that we write for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff, are intellectual property of Indiana University.  Because these documents are stored on a secure server, users are required to log in and authenticate with university credentials (username and passphrase) to access these documents.  If a Log in dialog box similar to the one shown below displays, the username must be specified as "ads\username" (double-quotes omitted)... the characters "ads\" must precede the username, as shown below.  Then, enter the associated passphrase and click OK.

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How to... Create a large format poster in PowerPoint and print it on INDIGO!  (Login required)

Need assistance?  Get with IT Training!  We will help you GET IT RIGHT the first time!

Contact UITS-Kokomo IT Training!

Phone: (765) 455-9425, option 2 ... Please be sure to leave your name, phone number, and a detailed message!
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Or... visit us in the IT Support Center... IU Kokomo Library, 2nd floor, Room KA-221

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