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Another Quote

Here is a new example to consider. Here is our quote:

"Canine olfactory detection of disease is one of those innovative lines of research, though it's not exactly embraced by the medical establishment. Broffman, however, considers the latest findings 'exciting' and 'revolutionary.'" (1)

Here is how a student has included this information in his paper:

While the medical community hasn't fully welcomed the idea of canine detection of disease, Dr. Broffman considers the latest findings to be exciting.

Question: Does this student need to cite this information?

The answer is yes. While the student gives credit to Dr. Broffman for his thoughts, he copied much of the content word for word and does not include any quotation marks to show what portion he has borrowed. So you must cite the work.

(1) Neal, Andrea. "Man's Best Friend: Sniffing Out Cancer." Saturday Evening Post, 1 July 2006, pp. 54-88.

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