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Library and Collections

The Indiana University Kokomo Library is a regional campus library of the Indiana University Library System. This is the largest library system in Indiana and one of the largest library systems in the nation. It serves the students, faculty, and staff of Indiana University, the residents of Indiana, and visiting scholars from around the world.

The Indiana University Kokomo Library serves over 9,000 users each year, and our collections include:

  • More than 90,000 printed volumes
  • Over 110,000 periodicals
  • 60,000 streaming videos (and growing)
  • and more than 166,000 other materials, including government documents, DVDs, microfiche, children's literature, and more

The Acquisitions team develops, receives, and manages the library's collection. Purchase recommendations from students, faculty, and staff are always welcome.

The Indiana University Kokomo Library participates as a member of two consortia: LYRASIS, a non-profit organization that offers content services and digital solutions; and MCLS (Midwest Collaborative for Library Services), another non-profit that facilitates sharing resources among Indiana and Michigan libraries. As a benefit of our membership in these consortia, we collectively license some of our online resources, which allows us to negotiate discounts on shared resources, coordinate resource sharing, and maximize the effects of our expenditures.

Online collections

The Library has a robust and growing online collection. It includes more than 120,000 journals and newspapers, as well as over 1 million e-books. Many of these resources are accessible through IUCAT and Journal & E-Book Locator.

Special collections

The Library houses two primary special collections:

  1. The Campus Archives collects, organizes, and preserves the historic documents of Indiana University Kokomo. Learn more about the Campus Archives.
  2. The Special Collections Room is a closed room that is home to archival materials and rare books. Items can be viewed upon request.

Government information collection

The Indiana University Kokomo Library has been a Federal depository library since 1969, serving the 4th Congressional District. We are also a depository for documents from the state of Indiana. Find out more about our government documents collection.

Last Updated: 31 December 2018

Last updated: 01/08/2019