Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing

Prior Learning Credits

Any student, pre-licensure BSN or RN to BSN, may earn up to 15 credits of prior learning credit. Of these 15 hours up to 3 credit hours of nursing elective credit may be earned by pre-licensure BSN students and up to 6 credit hours of nursing elective credit may be earned by RN to BSN students. The student must provide evidence acceptable to a committee of nursing faculty that such credit is warranted. For example- a military medic may apply for such credits based on the work she/he did in the field. For RNs elective credit may be related to work experience- 1 credit hour for each 4 continuous years of at least 20 hours/week employment (up to 6 credits) or a national nursing certification (3 credits), etc. Elective nursing credits do not take the place of required nursing courses.

The remaining credits (up to a total of 15 for Previous Learning) may come from the student petitioning the school normally responsible for those credits- if the student wants to get credit for a composition course then the student must petition the English Department, etc. This might be a student who has written copy for a newspaper and can bring their portfolio of work to show the committee in the English Department so they can judge the quality and appropriateness of the work to meet a given course’s requirements. For RN to BSN students the Assistant Dean of the RN to BSN track will determine appropriateness of all credit requests.

Prior Learning Credit is based on work or life experience, not on formal education as formal education that has credits associated may be transferred in as appropriate.

Prior Learning Credits do not include the 35 credits students are granted upon completion of a certain portion of the RN to BSN curriculum.