Student Crisis Fund

Do you know a student in crisis? Have you ever encountered a student with an emergency or an immediate life crisis and wanted to help but didn't know how? Are you aware there is a Student in Crisis Fund at IU Kokomo?

The Student in Crisis Fund was established in 2008 by Professional Staff Council at IU Kokomo to support IU Kokomo students. We know that an education can change lives, but sometimes issues of life can become so burdensome that finishing college is way down on the list. The purpose of this fund is to assist current IU Kokomo students who are in a situation that poses a threat to the student’s health, safety, and/or well-being. Recipients are limited to receiving help up to once per calendar year, with a maximum $200 disbursement.

Who Have We Helped?

Examples of situations that the Student in Crisis Fund has helped include: displaced from living accommodations, needing food, utility turnoff notice, and transportation issues. Many of the students that have been helped had no place to turn, and may be dealing with abusive situations through divorce or parental living conditions.

How Can You Help?

  1. Faculty or staff may approach a student with an offer to help them self-identify their critical need to the Office of Financial Aid, KC 230.
  2. Students can however, self-identify to the Office of Financial Aid as well.
  3. Give a donation to the Student in Crisis Fund. Our ability to help students in their time of need is solely supported by donations, as no money is allocated from general funds. If you would like to contribute to helping students in crisis situations, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 765-455-9216, or by giving to the IU Foundation Give Now. Designate your gift to the Student in Crisis Fund.
  4. Please note that after a student self-identifies their need, their request is sent to the Approval Committee for a decision. Self-identification is not a guarantee of funds. The student will be notified within 24 hours or less of the committees decision.
  5. Any student denied assistance will receive a packet of resources available to them within their county of residence.
Student In Crisis Application

I understand that the Student in Crisis Fund application is reviewed by Committee and is approval of this application is not guaranteed. I also understand that should my application be approved, the monies would be dispensed to me only once per calendar year for basic needs and that this award does not require a repayment of the funds.