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Department of Public Administration and Health Management
I started as an intern at Chrysler, and was hired full time as a people development specialist. If it wasn’t for the partnership between IU Kokomo and Chrysler, I wouldn’t have found my full time job.
Joanna Gonzalez, Walton
B.S. Health Administration, 13

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Welcome to the Department of Public Administration and Health Management. We provide a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Health Management and a Master of Public Management. A degree in public administration prepares you for a career in public and nonprofit management. Both public and nonprofit organizations need individuals to oversee and lead their operations. If you are interested in creating change and making a difference through your leadership skills, a degree in public administration is for you.

Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program

Areas of Practice

  • Government Community Affairs/PR • Financial Administration • Budget Analysis • Social Services • Research • Sales/Marketing • Community Development • Human Resources • Patient Care Services • Health Care Administration • Policy Development • Health Delivery Systems • Government Relations • Marketing and Public Affairs • Government Relations
  • Medical Staff Relations • Planning and Development • Finance • Data Analysis and Maintaining Patient Records • Patient Health Information Management • Medical Records Administration • Computer Information Systems Management • Diagnosis and Procedure Coding • Personnel and Budget Administration • Quality Improvement Research

Types of Employers

  • School Districts • Non-profit Organizations • Consulting Firms • Hospitals • Universities and Research Institutions • Nursing Homes • Churches • Health Care Facilities • Health Maintenance Organizations • Insurance companies • Social Services and Community Organizations
  • U.S. Department of Education • Environmental Protection Agency • Nursing Care Facilities • Insurance Agencies • Government Agencies • Behavioral Health Facilities • Information Systems • Vendors • Rehabilitation Centers • Pharmaceutical Companies

the foundation you need to succeed

Jennifer Santos
People called Jennifer Santos crazy when she quit the job she'd held for nearly 14 years, to enroll in college. On Tuesday, May 13, they called her a graduate. She received her bachelor's degree in public administration from Indiana University Kokomo, and now hopes to begin a career with the federal government. "I wanted to be able to do a job that not just anybody could walk in and do," Santos, from Kokomo, said. "It was a big leap of faith to leave my job. That's how much I wanted to get an education. I am glad I took that risk."
Danika Smith
Danika Smith and Brittany Royer, both honors students at Indiana University Kokomo, are two of the 33 chosen to represent the state as 500 Festival princesses for the annual event. Nearly 300 collegiate women applied to be a festival princess. The Indianapolis 500 is the world's most famous auto race, and the 500 Festival Princess Program is no less prestigious than the race itself. In fact, the Princess Program began in the late 1950's, and has always sought out the highest-caliber Hoosier women. Royer, a psychology major, and Smith, a public administration major, especially want their experience to inspire other Hoosier girls to move mountains.
Joanna Gonzalez
Joanna Gonzalez, who began her current job with the Chrysler Group as an IU Kokomo intern, shared her story as an example of why Clark and Harlow received the awards. She earned a degree in health administration, and then enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program, planning a career in hospital administration. When she heard about the Chrysler internship program, which started in 2013, she saw it as an opportunity to grow her skills in a different way.
Leann Cook
Cougars and Jaguars work together to double the amount of food donated to Kokomo Urban Outreach (KUO) from the annual Enactus Can-struction food drive.Enactus, a business student organization, collects nonperishable food items throughout the school year, and hosts a competition during Homecoming. Student groups use canned and boxed food items to build structures, and then all the food goes to the local nonprofit, which distributes it through its food pantries.
Last updated: 02/16/2016