Auditing a Course

Courses may be taken on an official audit basis, meaning students can attend the course without working for or expecting to receive formal credit. No credit will be given, and the audited course will be indicated on the student's transcript with a grade of NC (no credit). The student must discuss course work expectations with the instructor, and it is up to the instructor to approve the student's request.

Audited courses do not apply toward any academic degree and do not count as part of a student's full-time or part-time course load for purposes of financial aid or loan deferments. The tuition for an audited course is the same as that for a credit course.

Students considering the audit option should discuss their plans carefully with their academic advisor. It is possible that another grading option (i.e., pass/fail) may be more appropriate. In some cases, schools do not allow students to register for a class for credit after taking it on an audit basis.

Students must pick up the audit forms from their school or division, secure the appropriate signatures, and submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline specified in the academic calendar.

Once invoked, the student may not change to credit status for the course.