Final Exam Schedule Fall 2018

Monday, December 10 - Friday, December 14, 2018

All final examinations will be given in the same classroom where your class was scheduled during the term unless you are otherwise advised by your instructor. You should check with your instructor to verify the final examination day and time.

MWF or TRF classes—The final examination schedule is identical to MW or TR classes with the same starting times.

The final examination schedule for one-day-per-week classes will be on the same day and start at the same time as the normal class meeting, with the following exception:

Final examinations for Wednesday and Thursday, 7:00P–9:45P will start at 7:45 p.m.

Students should expect to take final examinations during the final examination period

Class Meets Final Examination
MW 7:05A–8:20A M 7:05A–9:05A
TR 7:05A–8:20A T 7:05A–9:05A
MW 8:30A–9:45A W 8:30A–10:30A
TR 8:30A–9:45A R 8:30A–10:30A
MW 10:00A–11:15A M 10:00A–12:00P
TR 10:00A–11:15A T 10:00A–12:00P
MW 11:30A–12:45P W 11:30A–1:30P
TR 11:30A–12:45P R 11:30A–1:30P
MW 1:00P–2:15P M 1:00P–3:00P
TR 1:00P–2:15P T 1:00P–3:00P
MW 2:30P–3:45P W 2:30P–4:30P
TR 2:30P–3:45P R 2:30P–4:30P
MW 4:00P–5:15P M 4:00P–6:00P
TR 4:00P–5:15P T 4:00P–6:00P
MW 5:30P–6:45P W 5:30P–7:30P
TR 5:30P–6:45P R 5:30P–7:30P
MW 7:00P–8:15P M 7:00P–9:00P
TR 7:00P–8:15P T 7:00P–9:00P
MW 8:25P–9:40P W 7:45P–9:45P
TR 8:25P–9:40P R 7:45P–9:45P