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Apply to Participate in the Symposium


To apply to participate in the symposium please submit this form: http://www.iuk.edu/researchsymposium/abstract-submission-form 

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How to Nominate and Mentor Students who are Participating in the Symposium

  1. Contact students directly and let them know that you think they have produced some quality work and that you urge them to present this work at the IU Kokomo Student Symposium. Tell the student to go to this website and submit their abstract. http://www.iuk.edu/researchsymposium/index.shtml
  2. This student work can include research papers, studies, art, posters, creative writing, etc. “Research” is not limited solely to traditional forms of academic endeavor.
  3. Meet with students after the initial nomination to discuss how the work might be altered to best move from a classroom production to something suitable for symposium presentation.
  4. Check in with students periodically to assess their progress in preparation for the symposium.
  5. Meet with students just prior to symposium to make sure the work is ready, students are clear on presentation etiquette, and students know their presentation days and times.
  6. If at all possible attend your student's presentation at the symposium (and other students too!)
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