Math Commons

Become a Math Commons Tutor

Are you interested in working in the IU Kokomo Math Commons as a tutor? If you meet the qualifications listed below, please complete our tutoring application. For more information, contact the math tutoring coordinator at (765) 455-9586 or email

Minimum qualificiations required for PEER tutoring position:

  • Completion of Calculus I with a grade of B or higher OR
  • Completion of BOTH Pre-calculus and Finite Mathematics with grades of B or higher in each

Preferred, but not required:

  • Candidates who have completed Math-M215 (Calculus I) with a grade of B or higher
  • Candidates who have completed Math-K310 (Mathematical Statistics) or equivalent statistics course
  • Candidates who are majoring in mathematics or closely related field
  • Candidates who have completed one or more mathematics classes on the IU Kokomo campus

Minimum qualifications required for PROFESSIONAL tutoring position:

  • Completion of bachelor’s or master’s degree in mathematics or closely related field OR
  • Completion of mathematics coursework at the undergraduate level with at least one course beyond the Calculus sequence (M215, M216, M311) with a grade of at least C in each course