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MyMathLab Troubleshooting Help

If you are unable to login using

Use the “side-door” login  when the “front-door” website will not load or does not log you in quickly:

  • Open the URL:
    (Note: there is an “underscore” ( _ ) between the “login” and the “mml.htm”.)
  • Once you reach the MyMathLab login screen, enter the login name and password you created during the MyMathLab registration procedure and click "Log In".
  • On the next screen click on the Enter MyMathLab button.
  • Select the course name from the list shown under “Courses you are taking”.
  • Use the buttons in the left margin to access the homework, quizzes, results (gradebook) and Study Plan. The “homework and tests” button should be used for both homework and quizzes.  You might need to click the “quizzes and tests” link from the horizontal navigation bar above the list of homework assignments to view your quizzes.
  • Your MyMathLab gradebook will be updated by all work you do using this login path.

If your homework assignments or quizzes fail to load properly:

Use the links below to confirm you are using a supported browser and that the settings are correct for the MyMathLab website. You should also clear your browser’s cache of temporary files on a regular basis.

If you are unable to get your computer to access the site correctly after following these instructions, click on the SUPPORT tab at the top of the MyMathLab screen. Scroll down to the MyMathLab Product Support link and use the STUDENT SUPPORT link to get additional suggestions for troubleshooting on your own. If necessary, call the MyMathLab tech support center at 1-800-677-6337.

Important Reminders When Using Off-Campus Computers:

Before you use an off-campus computer to access the MyMathLab website, you MUST click on the Browser Check link in the center of your course’s welcome screen.  After the “Browser Check” is completed, click on any “check version” links that show next to Adobe Flash or Adobe Reader, and follow the instructions for “third party cookie check” if it is displayed in red. It is NOT necessary to check the version of the TEST GEN PLUG-IN.

Use the link below to get assistance setting up your personal computer. If necessary, call the MyMathLab tech support center at 800-677-6337 or 844-292-7015.

Follow the MyMathLab connection reporting procedure at the end of these instructions to document your difficulties. This is necessary to support a request for a “technical difficulty” due date extension.