Speakers' Bureau

Here is a list of Science faculty who are available to speak to schools and community groups.
Please call 765-455-9371 to inquire about a speaker and to schedule a presentation.

Speaker Areas of Expertise Presentation Topics
Christian Chauret, Ph.D. Microbiology; water; infections; science education How clean is my drinking water?Science and mathematics programs at IU KokomoDisinfection,  microbes, and infection control
William Lindsey, Ph.D. Mathematics - Puzzles and Games- Proofs without words- Networks and graphs
Hisako Masuda, Ph.D. Bioremediations of environmental pollutants, Biochemistry, Proteins and enzymes, Molecular genetics - Removal of toxic chemicals from enviornment using bacteria- What is DNA? and what you can learn from genome sequencing- Roles of proteins in our body
Patrick Motl, Ph.D. Astrophysics; physics
Michael Finkler, Ph.D. Ecophysiology; herpetology; biology - Turtles of the Wildcat- Amphibians of North Central Indiana
Kasem Kasem, Ph.D. Chemistry, solar energy, hydrogen production. - Electric car batteries and quest for energy- How solar energy can create jobs in Kokomo- Hydrogen production using inexpensive materials- Energy harvesting, conversion and storage