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University Police
Crime Prevention

IU Kokomo's crime prevention and education efforts stress both good personal safety habits and the importance of community safety. The Indiana University Police Department would much rather prevent crimes from occurring than react to them after the fact. The department's security and safety services and comprehensive crime prevention program work to accomplish this goal. The university's crime prevention program is based upon the dual concepts of eliminating and minimizing criminal opportunities whenever possible and encouraging students and employees to be responsible for the security and safety of themselves and others.

The following is a list of the services and programs offered by IUPD.

  • Escort Service - IUPD personnel offer escorts to individuals concerned about his/her safety.
  • Security/Safety Reports - These reports indicate potential security and safety hazards discovered by our personnel during their routine building patrols. The reports note unsecured doors, unlocked/unattended rooms or laboratories, valuables left unattended, open/unlocked windows, lights left on (that should be off) and lights turned off (that should be on, i.e., in stairwells). These reports are distributed to the individuals responsible for the building or area, in order to inform them of potential problems and to seek their assistance in solving these security/safety hazards.
  • Emergency Call Boxes- Outdoor emergency call boxes, topped with blue lights, have been placed at strategic locations on campus. These phones are designed to allow immediate two-way communication between the Indiana University Police Department and the person using the phone.
  • Elevator Help Phones - Emergency telephones are located inside most of the elevators on campus. These phones are designed to allow immediate two-way communication between university and the person using the phone.
  • Motorist Assistance Program - This provides assistance to motorists on campus for vehicle jump-starts.
  • Work Orders - These are sent to the department of construction and maintenance services so that security/safety hazards can be remedied and broken or damaged items repaired.
  • Facilities Surveys - Comprehensive surveys of exterior lighting, interior lighting, emergency equipment, exterior doors and the trees and shrubbery are conducted at various intervals throughout the year.
  • Coffee with a cop program - This program is designed to elicit ideas and concerns from employees and students on campus, giving them a formal opportunity to meet with various members of the department. Sessions are scheduled and advertised each semester.
  • Victim Assistance Program - The Victim Assistance Program provides information to the victims of crimes against individuals or property. The materials are available through the department and all personnel are trained in assisting the victims of these types of crimes.
  • Crime Prevention Presentations - Presentations are made annually to various campus groups and organizations, including commuter students, international students, faculty, staff, student government, specific campus departments, recognized student organizations and intercollegiate athletes.
  • Crime Prevention Materials - Brochures, posters, bookmarks and other printed material on motor vehicle safety, bicycle safety, the escort service, vandalism and rape awareness are distributed at crime prevention presentations and at various locations throughout campus.
Last updated: 08/10/2015