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Campus Web Advisory Council


At the request of Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke, the Office of Media and Marketing and University Information Technology Services partnered to create the Web Advisory Council. This group offers feedback, sets priorities, and provides other guidance and support to the UITS-KO web services team, who are responsible for developing and maintaining the IU Kokomo web space. The members were selected due to their understanding of the uses and impact of the campus website and their ability to bring detailed knowledge and experience to this advisory process.


  • Advise in development of and review campus policies for campus web space, mobile application development, and digital signage, covering these and other areas:
    • standards for content
    • URLs, including vanity URLs
    • roles and responsibilities
    • information access rights
  • Aid in communication of standards for content
  • Promote the integration of the web into campus’s normal business practices and operating procedures
  • Advise in setting development priorities
  • Approve template designs
  • Recommend new projects and online applications to improve the campus web presence
  • Guiding principles:  
    • The Office of Media and Marketing as functional owner of the web space
    • UITS-IU Kokomo Web Services team as the developers and owners of the technical architecture
    • Campus content contributors as owners and creators of content


IU Kokomo web space is recognized as a premier, visually pleasing, contemporary website that utilizes modern technology and university enterprise resources to meet campus marketing and communication goals, while serving end user needs, and supporting campus intranet communication needs. 



  • Angie Thorpe
    Angie Thorpe
    Digital User Experience Librarian
    (765) 455-9346
    View Profile
  • Trish  Davis
    Trish Davis
    Assistant Clinical Professor, Clinical Liaison
    (765) 455-9310
    Hunt Hall (SM), Rom 106 E
  • Julie Saam
    Julie Saam, Ph.D.
    Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Associate Professor of Education
    (765) 455-9302
  • Erik Deerly
    Erik Deerly, M.F.A.
    Associate Professor of New Media
    Main Building, Room 229
    View Profile


Last updated: 09/01/2015