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Steven R. Cox, Ph.D.

BUS-K 201
The Computer in Business
Indiana University Kokomo|
Dr. Steven Cox
Summer 2007     

 COURSE SYLLABUS (print friendly) (student web pages)


1:00 - 4:15, Tuesdays and Thursdays (May 10 - June 21)



Office Hours:

4:15- 5:40, Tuesdays and Thursdays (and by appointment or walk-in)


KO 174J

Work Phone:

(765) 455-9314

Home Phone:

(317) 696-0571


(765) 455-9348



Web Site


Required Texts:

Parsons, Oja, Ageloff, and Carey  Excel 2003, Second Edition
Adamski and Finnegan,  Access 2003, Second Edition



In this course students will learn basic and intermediate computer software skills including the use of current operating systems and applications. In addition, students will learn the basics of computer hardware and develop an overview concept of a computer information system. Course content will emphasize the importance of computers in business and the development of the student’s skills in applying their learned computer skills in a business context.


        Learn to use the Internet as a communication tool and as the primary reference tool of the future. Gain familiarity with popular web browsers and demonstrate the ability to use the gathered information in other applications.

       Demonstrate word processing proficiency using Word 2003. Features include: working in columns, tables, mail merge, using graphics, and linking files. Students will create resumes and cover letters and learn job search strategies.

      Demonstrate spreadsheet proficiency using Excel 2003. Features include: functions, amortization, cash budgets, conditional statements, graphing, formatting, multiple worksheets, and linking files.

        Demonstrate presentation software proficiency using PowerPoint 2003. Students will create a detailed presentation promoting the performance of a selected corporation using data obtained from the Internet.

         Demonstrate database proficiency using Access 2003. Students will learn to use a preexisting database and will also construct their own database. Tables, forms, and reports, filters and queries will be featured.

         Demonstrate basic skills in constructing a personal web page using Front Page 2003.

         Discuss career and workplace ergonomics issues as well as ethical considerations when using Internet sources and links.

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Midterm Exam


Final Exam


Excel and Access Projects


Web Page


Total Points


 Grading Scale:                       

96% - 100%


90% - 96%


89% - 90%


86% - 90%


80% - 86%


79% - 80%


76% - 80%


70% - 76%


69% - 70%


66% - 70%


60% - 66%


59% - 60%


Below 59%







Unexcused absences will result in zeros on exams.  On both the midterm and final exam 100 points will be based on actual computer use. The remaining 70 points on the midterm exam will be based on terms presented and discussed in class. The midterm exam will be in class on May 29th. The final exam will be in class on June 21st.     



In the second half of the course Excel and Access assignments are due at midnight on the specified date. No late submissions will be accepted. The personal web page is due June 21st and it will include the result of topics covered in the first half of the course. Although the web page is due at the end of the course, it is essential that work on the project be ongoing throughout the course. Grading of the web page will be as follows:


Overall Web Page Presentation and Navigation


Web Page Personalization and Content




Amortization Schedule


PowerPoint Presentation




Class Attendance:

It is essential that you attend this class! Computer concepts, software skills, and projects will be discussed in class and they will not be discussed individually with students who miss class. If you must miss a class, it is your responsibility to arrange with another student to take detailed notes. 

Computer Usage:

Students will be required to work on computer projects outside of the regular class times. This work can be done at the IUK computer lab or at home or at work (if you have your employer’s permission to do so).  Registered students at IUK can purchase Microsoft Office XP at a great discount at the IUK bookstore. You will need proof of current enrollment. 


The IUK computer lab is in the Library. Students should not expect that the workers in the computer lab will be able to help them with specific K201 assignments.  All students should have access to an IUK e-mail account.  I encourage students to contact me using e-mail.  In order to use the computers in the classroom and in the labs students need an ADS account.  Contact the Help Desk to obtain the account if you do not have one.  The phone number for the IUK Help Desk is (765) 455-9315 and the e-mail is kohelp@iuk.edu. 

Library Usage:

The IUK library system offers a large number and variety of resources for the student to use in this course.  Examples include current newspapers (Wall Street Journal), magazines (PC Computing), databases (ABI Inform), and access to the Internet. 

Confidentiality Issues:

In K201, The Computer in Business, students are required to create a web site.  Many individual assignments (including, but not limited to, a resume and a PowerPoint presentation of your hobbies or interests) will be posted to your web site.  This web site will be viewable by anyone with access to an Internet connection.  If you are uncomfortable with your resume or other information being available on the web you are welcome to use hypothetical information and you should identify the information as hypothetical on the web site. In addition, the content of your Indiana University provided web page is governed by the rules you agreed to when you received your computer account. It is important that students understand the confidentiality issues described above and acknowledge that they are allowed to use hypothetical information for class assignments that are posted on their web site. 

Disability Issues:

Indiana University Kokomo provides equal access and support services to students with special needs.  Students with documented disabilities should contact the University Division (765-455-9309) and discuss any necessary support services or accommodation with the instructor. 

 K201 Class Schedule


Computer Concept Topic
(Software Topic)


May 10

 Computer Hardware


May 15

Computer Software


May 17

File Management


May 22

Internet and Network Technology


May 24

Web Pages, Web Sites, E-Commerce, and Digital Media


May 29

Mid-Term Exam

(170 pts)

May 31

Excel Tutorial 1 Using Excel to Manage Data (Case 1)
Excel Tutorial 2 Working  With Formulas and Functions (Case 1)
Amortization Schedule

(10 pts)
(10 pts)

June 5

Excel Tutorial 3 Developing a Professional Looking Worksheet (Case 3)
Excel Tutorial 4 Working with Charts and Graphics  (Case 3)

(10 pts)
(10 pts) 

June 7 Excel Tutorial 5 Working with Excel Lists (Case 2)
Excel Tutorial 6 Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks (Case 2)
(20 pts)
(10 pts) 

June 12

Access Tutorial 1 Introduction to Microsoft Access 2003 (Case 3)
Access Tutorial 2 Creating and Maintaining a Database (Case 3)

(10 pts)
(10 pts)

June 14

Access Tutorial 3 Querying a Database (Case 3)

(20 pts) 

June 19

Access Tutorial 4 Creating Forms and Reports (Case 3)

(20 pts)

June 21

Final Exam

Web Page Due

(100 pts)

(100 pts)