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As an alumnus, parent or friend of IU Kokomo, you recognize the importance of a quality education. A college education prepares individuals to be leaders in their communities and beyond. What you might not see is that many of our students are one financial setback from not pursuing that valuable collegiate education. Many of our students are only able to earn their IU degrees because of the generous benefactors who choose to support students through their generous gifts of time, talent, and treasures. IU Kokomo is able to provide a “private education at a public-school cost” because our donors make it so.

If you value higher education and believe strongly in supporting our community, Indiana University Kokomo welcomes your partnership in these efforts and encourage you to make a gift today that will have a positive impact on both.

If you have questions about how you can make an impact on our students, campus, and community please feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer any questions you might have. For more than seventy years, we've been an educational stronghold for north central Indiana, have established ourselves as a pacesetter for academic freedom, tolerance, and academic exchange, locally and globally. And we've built a culture where students are inspired to fulfill their promise, to become citizens of the world, and to lead by example.

Giving Opportunities

How You Can Give
Give online through the IU Foundation's secure website or by mailing a donation to the IU Kokomo Office of Development.

Watch the Alumni Hall of Fame and Scholarship Gala Video with Audio Description

Description of the video:

The Alumni Hall of Fame and Scholarship Gala Transcript

The Alumni Hall of Fame and Scholarship Gala Masquerade Ball Video Transcript

We see the outside of the Bel Air Events building. The words, “The Alumni Hall of Fame and Scholarship Gala, Bel Air Events, June 2018” are shown on the screen along with the IU Kokomo tab.

We can hear the emcee shouting, “Please take your seats… yes, let’s have a round of applause for all of you being here!” And the crowd cheering.

Text on the screen reads “A Night of Fun” before

We see sparkly and sequenced masks lying on a table. We see cards with names on them for seating arrangements. We see an up close of a red and black mask. We see cards on tables that each say different local companies that donated for the event, including Nipsco, Cole Hardwood, Community Howard Regional Health, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Community Foundation of Howard County, Wildcat Creek Golf Course, RACI Realtors Association of Central Indiana.”

Emcee Rob Johansen speaks to the crowd, “I’m Rob Johansen and I’m going to be your emcee for tonight and I’m going to begin the evening by making a sweeping entrance down the stairway!” The crowd cheers. We see Rob with a mask on at the top of a staircase as he speaks and begins to descend dramatically. We see a montage of musicians. We see a shot of sheet music on a music stand. We see hands playing a musical keyboard. We see a foot playing a bass drum pedal. We see hands playing the bass guitar. We see the decorated tables with black tablecloths, red napkins, centerpieces with feathers, and programs.

We see a photographer taking a posed picture of a couple in masks. We see people sitting at their tables and mingling with one another.

The words, “A Night of Fine Dining…” appear on the screen. People stand, cocktails in hand, in a circle talking with friends and colleagues.

The words, “A Night to Mix and Mingle” appear on the screen.

A couple dances with wide smiles on their faces. The words, “A Night of Dancing” appear on the screen. More couples and groups of friends dance together.

A band is performing. The band performs on the stage with all kinds of instruments and microphones.

The words, “And Full of Entertainment” appear on the screen. Mark Canada speaks at the podium with Rob Johansen standing to the side. As an act, Rob takes the podium from Mark and performs a believable fake punch, including a fake, loud punching sound. Mark pretends to have been hit. Rob shakes his hand as if it hurts from punching.

Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke is on the stage, hugging and congratulating esteemed guests and friends.

The words, “A Night to Recognize Those Who Shine…and Those Who Share” appear on the screen.

The Chancellor, Ben Liechty, and the newest Alumni Hall of Fame inductees are presented their awards on stage.

The words, “All in the name of Helping Students Reach their Dreams” appear on the screen 

The student speaker, Flor Valdes, smiles as she speaks into the podium.

A photographer takes a group photo. People continue to dance on the dance floor.

We see a close-up shot of four glass awards for the Hall of Fame inductees.

The words, “It’s Never too late to Give Back.” appear on the screen. 

Indiana University Kokomo

Fulfilling the Promise

The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign

On January 1, 2012, Indiana University began its first comprehensive university-wide campaign in over twenty years. This campaign, FOR ALL: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign, seeks to generate $3 billion for a variety of endeavors such as:

  • Enhancing student support and success
  • Creating the next generation of leaders
  • Ideas and innovations that change the way we live
  • Creating a healthier state, nation, and world

The For ALL Bicentennial Campaign will officially conclude in June 2020 to coincide with Indiana University's Bicentennial, which is also Indiana University Kokomo's 75th anniversary serving north central Indiana. 

2018 Campus Campaign

Please help make this year's faculty and staff campaign the best one yet with 100 percent participation!

Our focus will be the new IU Kokomo Student Activities and Events Center but, as always, you are welcome to give to any Foundation account of your choice. 

2018 Campus Campaign

Donor Stories

Sita Amba-Rao gives back to inspire and honor

Sita Amba-Rao

Though it’s been nearly 20 years since Sita Amba-Rao retired from Indiana University Kokomo, she continues to influence students here by establishing scholarships and service awards. A passionate proponent for social justice, she hopes to inspire students to serve their community and society, and to provide equitable access to higher education to students from underserved populations. She wants these students to be valued for their unique contribution to the campus, and for others to learn to appreciate those cultures. “My hope is that these students thrive in a supportive university environment,” said Amba-Rao, professor emerita of management. “I want them to gain education and empowerment, achieve success, feel pride in accomplishment, and evolve in life, free to discuss issues and gain true equality.”

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IU Kokomo receives $20,000 Duke Energy grant for elementary STEM program

Four people hold up a giant check

Indiana University Kokomo received a $20,000 Duke Energy Foundation grant, which will provide science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programming for more than 1,000 children and their families. Leah Nellis, dean of the School of Education, said the funding will be used for family STEM events at Elwood Haynes and Boulevard elementary schools, both in the Kokomo School Corporation. “It’s all about encouraging exploration of STEM activities and skills, in a family setting,” said Nellis. “It’s important for the children to see their parents coming to school, and demonstrating how important their education is.”

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Alumna gives $1 million gift for IU Kokomo scholarships

Kathleen Ligocki

A gift of $1 million from Kathleen Ligocki will support a new scholarship program at her alma mater. The gift establishes the Kathleen Ligocki Scholars Program, which creates a cohort of Indiana University Kokomo students who not only receive financial assistance, but also can access academic and social support from one another and from program staff and faculty. Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke announced the gift on Friday (March 30). Ligocki, CEO of Agility Fuel Systems, established the scholarship fund that will benefit qualifying incoming freshmen, and will be renewable for up to four years to those who remain in good academic standing and maintain full-time enrollment. Sciame-Giesecke thanked Ligocki, B. A. ’78, for the gift, noting that it will impact students for years into the future.

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Women of the Well House awards nearly $14,000 in grants

Women of the Well House group

Indiana University Kokomo’s women’s giving circle awarded nearly $14,000 during its first grant cycle, which will provide funding for eight campus programs led by students, faculty, and staff. The Women of the Well House voted on the projects that provide travel and externship opportunities, and CPR and mental health first aid training for students, and help students serve as mentors and teachers in north central Indiana. “It’s rewarding to know you’re part of this, and your contribution is going to have such an impact on the people served by the projects funded,” said Cathy Clearwaters, assistant director of development, who helped start the philanthropy group. “Women of the Well House gives women an opportunity to use their resources collectively to make a difference in our community.”

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