Bachelor of Science in Business

Bachelor of Science in Business

Whether you’ve dreamed of rocking a power suit as your daily attire since you were a kid or you just know that the world of business needs your creative solutions and leadership, the Bachelor of Science in Business from Indiana University Kokomo is the degree for you! 

In this AACSB-accredited program, you’ll be given everything you need to thrive and grow into the thought leader, disruptor, and connector that you need to be to succeed.

With this degree, you have the option to focus your studies and specialize in professional fields by choosing a major. You'll work right alongside your peers and professors in a small classroom setting that provides a unique, relationship-based learning environment. If the business degree doesn't quite suit your needs but you'd like to expand your business skills, you can add a minor in business to your course of study.

Billie Webster, the Business Major and Basketball Player, has a seat in the Red Chair.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Billie Webster is a man on a mission to make his grandmother proud. He shares his experience regarding transitioning from high school to college and finding his place in a close-knit community while in The Red Chair. Read his interview here.

One of the many cool things the School of Business has to offer is internship experiences; we believe in making sure you are fully prepared for life after graduation and ready to tackle the job market. When you get to your junior year and you're looking for a way to earn credit while building your resume and gaining practical experience in your field, an internship may be just the ticket! (Internships have been known to lead to full-time job offers!) After securing approval from a faculty member and the dean, you will be able to receive college credit during your internship experience. You can chat with the eager-to-help staff in the School of Business office to get started!

The baccalaureate program of the School of Business is based on the principle of a balanced education in business administration and economics with a foundation in the arts and sciences. The undergraduate program allows students to specialize in professional fields integral to contemporary enterprise and management. It prepares students in north central Indiana to become effective organizational leaders and managers.

The undergraduate curricula consist of three parts:

  1. General Education
  2. Business Fundamentals
  3. Business Concentration

In addition, the program includes courses covering the principles, practices, and trends involved in managing organizations in today's dynamic economic, social, and political environment.

Juniors and seniors have a range of elective courses in their concentration area. Courses on this level require participation by students in the discussion and solution of cases, projects, and special problems drawn from the contemporary business world.

Specialize Your Business Degree by Choosing a Major

The world of business is vast. While it’s always good to understand the business fundamentals, we believe you should specialize your degree, your studies, and your efforts into learning the part of the field that excites you the most. At IU Kokomo, we offer four majors within our business degree. Take a look at the majors below and see if any of them jump out at you. As always, be sure to talk with your advisor about which major works best for you and how to put yourself on the right path.

Enjoy numbers and ensuring it all adds up? The accounting curriculum equips the prospective business executive with tools for analysis, prediction, decision making, and control. It also provides an excellent background for students considering graduate work in business administration or law. The accounting concentration prepares students for careers in auditing, corporate accounting and management services, governmental and nonprofit organizations, and taxation.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree and still want to go into accounting, we also offer a Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Accounting!

Interested in understanding the importance of money within the economy? The concentration in finance and economics prepares students for management careers in banking, investing, manufacturing, and insurance. In addition, graduates will be attractive candidates for positions in government, utilities, communications, and nonprofit organizations. The finance and economics curriculum also provides an excellent background for students who desire to pursue graduate work in business administration, economics, finance, or law. The courses offered in this concentration are designed to equip students with the necessary background for interpreting data, forecasting, and decision making in a changing global economy.

Love working with people and have a passion for leadership? The management and human resources curriculum is designed with maximum flexibility to accommodate those students who have explicit career objectives and interests in several management areas including human resources. The courses offered in this concentration develop the student's capacity as a decision-maker in an organization. The student, working with a faculty advisor, can design a course of study that allows in-depth work in an area while attaining a comprehensive understanding of managerial and processes associated with the human resource function in organizational settings.

Love the idea of taking an idea you stand behind and showing the world its value? The marketing concentration is concerned with activities related to the marketing and distribution of goods and services from the source of supply to the source of demand, both locally and internationally. This concentration is particularly appropriate for careers in advertising, sales, brand management, retailing, wholesaling, market planning, industrial marketing, international marketing, marketing research, distribution, and marketing management in various types of organizations.   

If you would like to see what the next four years might look like for you, fill out your information to arrive at a sample degree map. If you’d like more specific details regarding the Bachelor of Science in Business and the possible majors, please visit our Academic Bulletin.

After you complete the Bachelor of Science in Business, you always have the option to continue your studies. IU Kokomo offers a Master of Business Administration and other postbaccalaureate work you may be interested in!

Assessment information for this degree is available on our program Assessment page and ETS results page.

Sound like fun?

If the Bachelor of Science in Business sounds like the perfect fit for you, apply now. If you have a few more questions about the program or would like to chat with our faculty and staff, go ahead and reach out. We’re ready to help and looking forward to hearing from you!

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