Sports and Recreation Management

Sport and Recreation Management Degree

Do you eat, sleep, and breathe sports? Are you passionate about physical fitness? Whether you want to lead a small-town recreation program or work for a professional athletic franchise, you need a sport and recreation management degree from Indiana University Kokomo. As a student here, you won’t just be sitting on the sidelines. You’ll be out in the field on trips, in internships, and at campus events, observing, experiencing, and participating in things that demonstrate what you’re learning in the classroom.

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Sport and Recreation Management major, Nicole Robinson, has a seat in The Red Chair

Nicole is a transfer student, who barely knew anything about IU Kokomo. 

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At IU Kokomo, we’ll be with you from your first semester to the home stretch. You’ll graduate from this program with a deep understanding and appreciation of the industry, close relationships with your peers and professors, and an internship experience to help you stand out to future employers. Your required internship experience can be tailored to fit your future goals, including anything from professional sports teams, intercollegiate athletics, sport marketing firms, amateur sports organizations, resorts, to health and fitness clubs.

Throughout the program, you’ll learn how to make sport and recreation events an experience; you’ll study topics such as the basics of management theory, fitness and wellness, and how to accommodate diversity to include accessibility in the world of sport and recreation.

This degree program helps students demonstrate knowledge of fundamental principles and key concepts in sport and recreation management, display an understanding of the professional and ethical obligations including a global awareness and an appreciation of the impact of diversity, demonstrate critical thinking skills enabling students to comprehend and effectively analyze issues, make decisions, and form sound and well-based, apply effective oral, interpersonal, and written communication skills, and develop a commitment to continuing professional growth and life-long learning. Students will take courses including Introduction to Fitness and Wellness, Management of Sports Events, Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, and Youth Management.

Assessment information for this degree is available from our Assessment landing page.

If you think you may be interested in continuing your education and earning a Master of Science in Business Administration, a sport and recreation management degree may be an excellent compliment to an M.B.A. program. For more the most current requirements for this degree, please visit our Academic Bulletin.

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