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Frequently asked questions

Is the IU Kokomo campus closed? What about the Library?

The campus is closed except for the Library, which has limited hours. Students may enter from the south doors and must show their Crimson Card in order to enter. Library hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

Are visitors allowed on campus?

At this time, in-person visits to all IU campuses are not allowed. Previously scheduled visits are postponed indefinitely and the campus will contact you about virtual alternatives in the coming weeks. Although campus will not be hosting visitors at this time, please note that the Office of Admissions will continue to be accessible via phone and e-mail during their posted business hours for any questions you may have.

How can I take a campus tour?

A virtual tour of IU Kokomo is available, to give you a bird’s eye view of our state-of the-art classrooms, fun learning spaces and athletics facilities. Take a leisurely “stroll” through our Virtual 360 tour!

How do I schedule my New Student Orientation?

Join us for Virtual Orientation! Due to COVID-19, all New Student Orientations and Transfer Onboarding activities (including how to register for Fall 2020 classes) will be delivered virtually in Summer 2020. Schedule your virtual experience today.


Will Commencement ceremonies take place?

IU Kokomo’s 51st Spring Commencement has been postponed until fall. The Class of 2020 will be honored virtually beginning Tuesday, May 5, via IU’s website and IU Kokomo’s website. Stay tuned for more information

Is there a mortarboard decorating contest this year?

Yes! We are looking forward to seeing pictures of your creative mortarboards! Contest will begin Monday, May 11, and will run through Friday, June 13. Look for announcements on our social media channels!

All university updates can be found at

Why was I assessed the DE fee?

The university-wide $30 per credit hour DE fee supports the technologies, instructional design, and student services required to deliver coursework in an online environment. You can see a bit more information about these services by going to IU Online, or you can explore them by going to Teaching Online at IU. Because the online support services were extended to all online courses (those originally scheduled as online, and those that transitioned), the DE fee was assessed to all course offerings. Any additional per credit hour fee assessed by the campus goes to support campus-based initiatives. The campus at which you enroll would need to provide additional information regarding the allocations of this fee.

Why must I pay the DE fee when my class was originally planned to be offered face-to-face?

The DE fee is spent to support the technologies, instructional design, campus-based initiatives and student services required to deliver coursework in an online environment. You can see a bit more information about these services by going to IU Online, or you can explore them by going to Teaching Online at IU. In light of the current situation, the campuses decided to extend these services to all online courses (those originally scheduled as online, and those that transitioned), so the DE fee was assessed to all course offerings.

I want a refund for the DE fee.

Indiana University is transitioning all classes to online modality to best protect and accommodate students and faculty during the current COVID-19 pandemic. No refunds will be offered, and all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure students will be able to complete their courses. As professors are adjusting instruction modality and syllabi, please watch closely for updates. This includes courses that were originally scheduled to be offered online, as well as those that were transitioned to an online format.

Since I’m not coming to campus, online courses should be cheaper, right?

While it is commonly assumed that online education incurs less expense than face-to-face instruction, this is not the case. Although physical classroom space may not be used, we still have other expenses—for example, expenses for new technologies, accessibility technologies, studio space, regulatory costs, instructional design, expanded student services, and remote proctoring which are increased due to online delivery. These services, and others, are supported by the DE fee. The regional campuses decided to extend these services to all their online courses this summer to ensure that all courses and students would be fully supported. The fee was likewise extended to include all online courses.

I do not have the money to cover the DE fee.

IU is committed to supporting students during this trying time. Please connect with your financial aid office and explore options for additional emergency aid for funds that may be available. If you have questions about other fees, please contact your Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and Office of the Bursar for more information.

I was not notified in an appropriate timeframe that my course would be online, or that I would receive a DE fee.

The regional campuses of IU worked very hard in light of this situation to redesign their schedule of classes as quickly as possible so that students would know that courses would be delivered online and that they would, therefore, be assessed the DE fee. At this time, all classes are being offered online for the health and safety of all faculty and staff.

The class I planned to enroll in has been canceled, what do I do?

Taking a class through a different IU campus may allow you to still complete the courses you intended to take this upcoming semester. Please search the full listing of online courses across all campuses here. If you find a course of interest, you may complete the temporary intercampus transfer request form on the “Register for a Class” tab. This form takes about 60 seconds to complete, and then is automatically sent to the campus in which you are interested in taking a course from. That campus will then contact you directly regarding registration in your chosen course.

I’m only taking one or two online courses, so why should I have to pay the DE fee?

Many of the services provided to online coursework are still available to students who are only taking one or two courses.  Services like instructional design, access to technology and library services, math and writing services, and course proctoring are still used in coursework, regardless of the number of courses a student is enrolled in.

A list of frequently asked questions can be found on the registrar’s web page.

I’m a current student, how do I register for summer and/or fall classes?

Visit the Schedule of Classes found on the Registrar’s page. You’ll find both summer and fall listed there.

I’m a transfer student, how do I register for summer and/or fall classes?

Please contact your advisor at 765-455-9405 to set up an appointment.

I’m a new student, how do I register for fall classes?

Your enrollment appointment will be set when you sign up for New Student Orientation.

  • Because the IUK bookstore is closed to the public, all Summer textbook orders must be placed online, and will be shipping free to students. 
  • The IUK bookstore is also offering free shipping on all online purchases. 
  • Accepted forms of payment are credit cards, gift cards and Crimson cards. 
  • VA and TAA will select 3rd party payment. 
  • If you need assistance, please email

How do I return my rented books?

Visit the IU Kokomo Bookstore rental return webpage. 

Enter your order ID (from the online invoice or reminder emails you received) and the email that you used to rent the books. When you submit the information, a pre-paid UPS label will be created for you to use to ship the books back to the bookstore. Just package the books securely in a box and drop them at a UPS store or in a UPS drop box (depending on size.)