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Mitigation Testing for COVID-19 at IU Kokomo

Watch the video about mitigation testing with audio description.

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Mitigation Testing for COVID-19 at IU Kokomo - Transcript

Hey Cougars! I'm AJ, a senior studying business management.

[AJ sits on a bench behind the Main Building. The Well House is visible behind him.]

Even though I'm feeling great I did just get an email from IU asking me to take a COVID-19 mitigation test and... well of course i'm going to do it. And i'm going to show you just how easy it is. Let's go! Oh, but first…

[AJ puts his mask on.]

Mask up Cougars!

[AJ is walking behind the Main Building explaining what mitigation test is.]

So you're probably wondering what is a mitigation test.

[Text on screen reads “Testing is required with limited exemptions.]

It's a quick and painless COVID-19 test that everyone on campus, including you, will be asked to take at least once, as long as they're symptom-free. Why it's for everyone's safety so that we can stay ahead of a covid-19 outbreak and remain #iukstrong.

Testing will take place throughout the entire semester so be sure to check your IU email often as that is where you'll be notified if you've been selected.

[Text on screen reads “Check your IU email often! Notification emails arrive on Fridays

It's important to know that you may be asked to take the test more than once, so check that email. When you do receive the email, read through the instructions carefully to secure your appointment. And sign up using only your IU email address... oh... and an important tip!

[Text on screen reads “No: Eating, drinking, smoking, vaping, chewing gum 30 minutes prior to appointment]

This is a saliva test so no eating, drinking, smoking, vaping, or chewing gum 30 minutes prior to your appointment, or you will have to reschedule your appointment.

Testing takes place at the IU Kokomo Art Gallery in upper alumni hall. It's right by the library, you can't miss it. When you first get here you'll scan the little QR code with your smartphone. It'll take you to this website right here.

[AJ’s smartphone screen displays the Vault website and its questionnaire]

[As AJ enters the art gallery he is greeted by the IU Kokomo Emergency Management director, Jake Hobbs who guides him through the mitigation test.]

Hi how are you? I'm here for my...

Well, how are you?

Good! I'm here for my mitigation test.

All righty. I'm just gonna ask if you have had any of these symptoms in the last 14 days?

[Jake shows an information sheet describing COVID-19 symptoms]

I have not.

All righty. Have you had anything to eat drink smoke or chew in the last half hour?

I have not.

All right, you're good to go. So you should see on your app, once you get logged in, these two screens here are asking for your unopened test kit.

All right all right, now i'm on the cover 19 testing screen.

All right, you're right where you need to be. So I just need to check you in here. Al right, what's your IU username?


Alrighty, I got you all checked in. I'll see you station two.

All right.

Wow you're fast.

Well you know, usually to the fridge back I'm quick. So you're on the screen where it's asking for your unopened test kick?


Alrighty, so I'm gonna have you scan this.

All right.

This will just tie this test to you.

AJ scans the code with his smart phone]

Perfect it's on there.

All righty, and then when you're ready go ahead and hit next. So your test kit comprises of three different parts. You've got the vial, the funnel, and the lid. So the lid will be for the last station, so save that for last. What I'm going to have you do is tighten down the funnel on top and then you're going to fill it all the way up to this black line with saliva. And make sure no bubbles are below that black line and then you'll be good to go and I'll see you at station 3.

All right sounds good.

[AJ is show finishing filling his vile with saliva and walking to station 3.]

All right.

Let's go turn my test in.

Hi. Nice to see you again.

Nice to see you.

You're all over the place!

All righty, let me just see where your sample is at... all right, you're good to go.

So what I'm gonna have you do is unscrew the funnel off the top for me.

Put it in the bucket.

All righty, and then reach into your test kit and get the blue lid.

It's kind of hard to get out sometimes.

There you go. And you're going to take that and screw it on where you have the funnel.

You don't have to be ginger with it, give it a good crank and the blue stuff should start feeding down.

It's going down just a little bit.

All right... maybe give it a little tap on the table.

There it goes. All right... so give me a good shake for about five seconds.

It should be good.

Now you're gonna take this alcohol wipe and disinfect the whole outside of the tube for me.

All righty, you're all set. Just put it in this bag. And you're all set.

If you'd like to disinfect, there's a disinfectant station right there for you.

Thanks for coming!

Thank you.

[disinfectant squirts and he rubs his hands together and he starts walking out of the art gallery]

Wow, that was pretty quick and painless.

And the best part about all this guys, is that this simple act of taking this quick and painless COVID-19 test is that you are helping to keep our campus open and safe so we can all enjoy in-person learning.

Test results will be returned in two to five days.


If you're negative you'll receive an email.

But if you're positive you'll receive a phone call with detailed instructions from IU Health regarding isolation and your next steps.

Together we will get through this.

Thank you for doing your part.

 For questions visit

 See you later!

 [Text on screen reads]

[Text on screen reads #iukstrong]

[IU Kokomo branding appears on screen with]

A Day In the Life of a Student – Erinn’s Return to IU Kokomo

Watch the video about Erinn's return to IU Kokomo with audio description

Description of the video:

A Day in the life vlog Transcript for Erinn returns to IU Kokomo

Pop music is playing as Erinn Adam is sitting in her car talking to the camera in front of the Main Building at IU Kokomo.

“Hey Cougars, I’m Erinn Adam and I’ll be a senior this fall studying sociology! Today I’m going to take you with me around campus to show you what life will be like for students this fall.”

She begins to put her mask on as the website pops up on screen.

Erinn says, “Oh! And don’t forget to mask up before entering the building. Let’s go!” 

She grabs her bag, gets out of her car, and she begins walking to the main building and notices some signs and the mascot, Kingston, sitting on a bench.

Erinn says, “As you can see when you get closer to campus there are signs all around, like this one. ‘If you feel it, we could all get it. Hey Kingston, how are you doing today?”

Kingston gives 2 thumbs up.

Erinn says, “Good, good! Hey, move a long and we’ll stay strong, right?

Kingston gives more thumbs up.

Erinn responds, “Nice. I’ll see you later, dude!”

Erin walks into the Main Building and begins speaking.

“Oh… guys, it’s so good to be back. Hey look, another sign, ‘move along and we’ll stay strong’”

Erinn pushes the button on the elevator. It opens and Kingston is inside pointing to a sign with helpful information about staying healthy.

Erinn says, “Oh, hey Kingston! Yeah, you’re right, we should all take the stairs if we can. I’ll see you later.”

As she walks away, she sees another sign on the floor of the hallway. And reads it aloud.

“Oh, another sign. ‘Keep right and keep your distance.’ That’s a good point on physical distancing. Alright, let’s move a long.”

A transition takes us to the women’s restroom where Erinn is washing her hands and she begins giving some instructions to the viewer.

“Make sure to wash your hands often, and even though we can’t eat or drink in the classrooms, we still can in the cafeteria, but if you are thirsty between classes, make sure you bring your own water bottle so you can refill it.”

You can hear the beep of the water fountain and see a sign that says, ‘Personal bottles protect us all. Refills only.’ When she finishes she speaks again. 

“Alright, let’s head to my first class.”

Erinn begins walking and the camera shows a wide view of her moving down the hallway into a transition of her standing outside of the classroom and begins explaining more important information and a new pop song begins to play. 

“OK, so this is one of my face to face classes and right outside the door you’ll the ‘Physical Distancing Room Capacity’ is 15 students.”

Erinn walks in and notices Kingston sitting on the far side of the room and she greets him.

“Oh hey! I didn’t know you were in this class?!

She puts herself between the camera and Kingston to say, “a great case study for psych of personality, huh?”

Erinn sets the camera down to head for cleaning supplies and to deliver more information. 

“Anyways, so in each classroom, you’ll have cleaning supplies so students can clean their space before they settle in.”

As Erinn begins to disinfect her desk text appears on the screen about class information that reads. “If you are looking for information about whether your classes meet face to face, online, or a hybrid version of both…” The text slides off to reveal more text, “Visit and search for: 1. Canvas, 2. iGPS Plan or, 3. Student Information System (SIS).

Erinn finishes cleaning her desk and puts her stuff away and grabs the camera to show spacing in the room.

“Oh and also, these red dots on the floor mark spaces where desks can go so students can physical distance.”

She looks at Kingston and says, “I’ll see you later, man!” And she leaves the classroom into a transition where she is sitting in the library and Kingston is standing in the distance behind her looking at books as she speaks to us about classes. 

“On Mondays and Wednesdays, I have my hybrid psychology class. I meet on Zoom on Mondays and in class on Wednesdays. I’ll try and come to the library on Mondays to use the quiet space. After this class, I’ll head to the cafeteria for some lunch before my next face to face class.”

A new pop song starts as the camera then transitions to Erinn walking to toward the cafeteria showing tables set up for physical distancing as she notices hand sanitizer on the wall and begins to speak while getting some for her hands.

“Oh, hand sanitizer, nice! These things are going to be all over campus. When it’s time for lunch, I’m gonna head to the Cougar Country Café. As you can see, the seats and tables are set up for physical distancing. And there will be disinfecting cleaning supplies so you can clean your space before you eat.” 

Erinn notices Kingston sitting down in the back and talks with him.

“Hey Kingston, you waiting for it to open?” He responds with a thumbs up. Erinn replies, “so you’re just gonna camp out?” Kingston responds with another thumbs up. Erinn the says, “Alright, see you later.” As she walks away, text pops up on the screen noting that ‘Online ordering will be available and there will be a grab and go location.’ Then the camera transitions to Erinn walking through the Main Building as she delivers final bits of information.

“I’m looking forward to seeing everyone back on campus, but before I go, if you don’t have the IU Mobile app download it today for easy access to Canvas, Zoom, and other important information.” A low-opacity screen grab video-clip of the app is displayed to the right of Erinn on the screen.

Kingston jumps out from behind the wall as Erinn stands in the middle of the hallway and he startles her. 

She says, “Kingston! I’ll see you August 24th!” 

He starts blowing kisses to the camera as Erinn walks out of the building. The screen transitions to black screen with the logo for the 75 years of IU Kokomo, honoring the bicentennial.

Faculty and Staff Re-Entry for Fall 2020

Description of the video:

Re-entry Transcript – Fall 2020

For some of us, it’s time to come back to campus.

The world is different now.

At Indiana University Kokomo we know this and we care about our community.

We’re serious when we say We’re In This Together.

Every day we are learning new information about the Covid-19 Pandemic and how the disease is spread. And our website is THE best place to go for up-to-date information.

So, what’s life going to be like during the Fall of 2020?

Before we enter any building on campus, we’re going to mask up.

Everyone will be required to wear face masks, especially inside buildings where it’s harder to physically distance ourselves.

There are lots of different types of face masks, but the important thing to remember is that they must cover your nose and mouth. IU will supply you with two washable face masks.

Face masks are not required within enclosed spaces when one person is present with the door closed. Face masks are also not required during eating or drinking as long as adequate physical distancing is possible.

We know there is a chance that we’ll forget to put on our face mask when we leave our cars, but we’ll have extra masks on campus and readily available. If you see someone on campus without one, you can easily direct them to a mask location.

We’re also going to practice physical distancing. Try to always keep a 6-foot distance between yourself and others on campus.

Regular hand washing is required, and anytime you have to touch a surface, such as a door, stair rail, or a button on an elevator, there will be a hand sanitizing location nearby.

We’re going to ask you to take the stairs, over an elevator, if possible.

We’ll keep to the right in any walkway to avoid breaking into personal space.

While we can’t be eating and drinking in classrooms, if you do need a drink, water fountains will have signs reminding you not to drink directly from them, but to fill up your own bottle.

Inside seating will be marked with red dots -- meaning it’s safe to sit there. The same red dots will also be used in the classrooms.

Physical facilities staff will continue to deep clean the campus regularly, but we all need to pitch in and do our part. There are many ways we can do this.

Cleaning supplies will be located in the classrooms and nearby the seating areas for you to clean your space before settling in.

If you have an office space, you will be supplied with disinfectant and cleaning supplies to clean your own desks regularly.

You will also be asked to bag and empty your trashcans in a larger receptacle in hallways when you leave for the day.

Meetings in groups, or one on ones, must not be held in rooms where physical distancing isn’t possible. It is suggested to use applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom to attend meetings with students or other colleagues.

Pay close attention and observe staggered come and go times if you work in an office with multiple colleagues.

Be aware that certain spaces with regular face to face interactions will use plastics screens for safe separation.

Visible and helpful signage will be used all over campus, including:
Exterior doors
Sitting areas
And they’ll indicate proper traffic patterns in hallways.

There’s a lot of change to get used to while we work through this pandemic, but with your help we can stay safe and healthy. We’re in this together. We’re # I U K strong.

IU President Michael McRobbie recently released the adjusted academic calendar for 2020-21 giving the most consideration to the health and well-being of the IU faculty, staff and students, while continuing to focus on providing the education and experience you expect from this world-renowned institution. 

Fall 2020

Classes Begin:  Aug. 24

Classes End:  Dec. 12

Finals: Dec. 14-18 


  • Classes will be held on Labor Day
  • No Fall Break
  • Thanksgiving break Nov. 22-29
  • Remote instruction only Nov.30 – Dec. 18