March 12 Update

As promised, I am providing you with a daily update on what we have learned and any new measures put in place. I recently shared a message with faculty that went out to all students that outlines how they can access tutoring remotely. I would recommend that you include that message on your Canvas sites. I also announced the hours of the Library where students can access technology.

Today, I will focus on new travel advisories, more information about resources for teaching remotely and how everyone can help. We will share information tomorrow on staff working remotely. I will meet with all supervisors, chairs, deans, etc. at 8 a.m., and then they will be able to share our schedule going forward. Thank you for your patience as we try to make decisions as things continue to change quickly.

Travel restrictions

  • Please see the notes below. If you are traveling internationally, you must self-quarantine and you must have supervisor / chair / dean permission.
  • Due to the recent CDC and State Department advisories, everyone returning from any international travel must maintain a 14-day self-isolation period before returning to any IU campus. This is a critically important public health measure. There will be no exceptions.
  • Any student, faculty member or staff member returning from a country under a CDC Level 3 warning must self-quarantine off campus for 14 days before returning to any IU campus. This is a critically important public health measure. There will be no exceptions. This requirement currently applies to China, Iran, South Korea and the 26 European countries in the Schengen Area; however, the CDC may add additional countries to the Level 3 list with little warning.
Students should make prior arrangements with their instructors if they will miss additional class time due to these new travel conditions.

For all IU employees, the absence must be approved by your immediate supervisor. Faculty and staff must make advance arrangements with their supervisors or school or campus leadership to assure continuity in performing their duties, and should prepare for a possible long-term stay should changes be implemented in any given country during their time abroad. For staff, this time off will need to come from your PTO.

How You Can Help

You can help us help prevent the spread of disease. Practice social distancing; wash your hands effectively; stay out of crowds; and clean surfaces around you daily.

We know that our community values of respect and consideration for each other are especially important in this unusual time. Please keep the IU Kokomo community in mind as you make decisions for yourself, and reach out if you are in need of any assistance.

Thank you for your help and flexibility as we work to keep IU Kokomo safe and healthy.

Dr. Susan Sciame-Giesecke
Indiana University Kokomo

From the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CTLA)

We have trainings this week and next week on key tools for teaching remotely. We will be back to regular programming March 23-April 5, although delivered through Zoom or online. See below for details.

More importantly, we are here to help you. Do you have an activity that you usually do face to face and need to talk it through how to do it remotely? Please email Chérie and Chanda will be glad to help and if they get busy, we have faculty on call to help as well. We are all in this together!

As you know IU has many resources including Keep Teaching at IU and the Knowledge Base for information about technology tools. Follow the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Facebook page for information and tech tools.

Follow Julie’s Twitter account @JulieSaam for retweets from the national scene on teaching remotely. Our Library created a LibGuide with resources for teaching remotely: Faculty Guide: Finding and Sharing Library Resources Online.

Faculty Training Schedule & Registration

Thank you for your cooperation! The situation continues to change rapidly. I will continue to communicate daily. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.