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Watch the Career Center Video with Audio Description

Description of the video:

A student rides a stationary bike in the gym while Kingston stands by with a clipboard.

“Kingston just landed an internship as an assistant athletic trainer.”

 Kingston is shown walking into the Career and Accessibility Center. He waves to someone in the office as he walks in.

“The Career Center helped him get this jumpstart on his future.”

Kingston shakes hands with a student worker in the office then works with her at a desk.

“They critiqued his resume and cover letter and sat down for a mock interview and career counseling.”

Kingston undergoes a mock interview with a staff member.

“He also checked out special events the Career Center offers.”

Kingston holds a flyer for a graduate school luncheon.

Kingston is shown strutting his stuff in Alumni Hall.

“He learned how to create a personal brand and how to navigate the social media world…”

Kingston works on his LinkedIn profile on a laptop.

“…while job hunting.”

Kingston, donning a suit jacket, undergoes a mock interview and shakes hands with his interviewer.

“And what to wear to a job interview.”

With a shirt flung over his shoulder, Kingston struts out of the Career and Accessibility Center.

“Stop by the Career Center today…”

He meets up with two smiling students holding t-shirts that say, “#landedajob” on the front. He holds up a “#landedajob” t-shirt as he stands in the middle of them.

“And get and edge on your bright future!”

Indiana University Kokomo, Fulfilling the Promise,, Kelley Student Center Room 200. 

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Internships That Make A Difference

Externship shows students opportunities

A group of students holding an IU flag

For one moment, Adam Gilbert experienced his dream job, sitting behind the news desk at ESPN in Charlotte, North Carolina. “I was seeing the pinnacle of most sports people’s dreams right there at ESPN,” said Gilbert, a communication arts major. “That’s everyone’s goal in sports journalism. Being there and experiencing it reinforces my goal, that this is what I want to do someday. Sitting behind that desk, where multiple analysts and athletes have sat, was a moment for me.” Gilbert gained the experience as part of an externship offered by the IU Alumni Association Kokomo Region and the Career and Accessibility Center. Eight students from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences saw how IU alumni are using their humanities degrees in successful careers and learned networking skills to prepare them for future success.

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Score! Soccer internship brings career goal to life

Student Chad standing on a soccer field

The music blares, and fans roar as the home team runs onto the field. In the stands, crowds hurry to their seats, as the smells of popcorn, hot dogs, and nachos drift through the air, along with a sense of anticipation, leading up to kick-off. This is a typical day at the office for Chad Wright — and exactly the kind of atmosphere he wants in his dream job. He’s taking the first steps toward that goal during his final semester at Indiana University Kokomo, with an internship with the Indy Eleven pro soccer team. “It was a great experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to do an internship in this field,” said Wright, a hospitality and tourism management (HTM) major from Frankfort. “It was a great learning experience, working behind the scenes and on game days. I know this will help me in the future as I pursue a career in sports management."

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KEY program provides learning experiences

Student Jonatan standing by the water

It’s one thing for a university leader to tell colleagues that a campus program is having a positive impact on students. Having a student endorse it carries even more weight. Speaking as the only student attending the recent High Impact Practices at the State Conference, Indiana University Kokomo senior Jonatan Bracamontes Lopez told his own positive story about the Kokomo Experience and You (KEY) program. The four-year program, which emphasizes learning through doing, includes opportunities for foreign and domestic travel, hands-on research experiences, art retreats, and career networking events, among others. “KEY is a gateway to all sorts of experiences, and new ideas, and collaboration,” he said. “It rounds you as a human.

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Senior from Haiti finds dreams do come true

Student Mike Francois in a suit with his arms folded.

To a teenager growing up in Haiti, the idea of an American college education seems like an impossible goal. But if you tell Mike Francois something is unattainable, it makes him want it more — and work to make it happen. In May, Francois, 21, will achieve the impossible, graduating from Indiana University Kokomo with a degree in finance. He’s already set his next goal and plans to earn a Master of Science in Accounting. “One thing about dreaming big is that every day you wake up and you’re a little closer to what once seemed impossible,” said Francois, who grew up in Port-au-Prince, and now lives in Peru, Indiana. “Ever since I was a kid, I was always ambitious, I always wanted to be more than I was. I want to be remembered as the guy who started from the bottom and made it.”

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