Chancellor Giesecke on WWKI’s Male Call

Chancellor Giesecke on WWKI’s Male Call - April 17, 2019

Audio transcript:

“Alright, thank you so much for your time. Have a good day, guys.”

“You do the same, please. It’s Male Call, 100.5 KI, Nick JR Brandon Sarah with you today for the Wednesday edition and as I teased earlier, I have a special guest in the studio with us this morning from Indiana University Kokomo. Chancellor Susan Giesecke is with us. Chancellor… I…I…” There is laughter.

“Good morning! Good morning!”

“I don’t say Chancellor very often so it’s weird.” There is laughter. “What an honor!”

“Yeah! What an honor! Yeah!” More laughter. “We have royalty in the uh….”

“Royalty here, that’s right! Chancellor. Yeah! That’s for sure.” More laughter.

“Does it sound weird to you?”

“Um…not anymore…um…obviously I’ve been the Chancellor going on 7 years so it’s been a long time and so I’ve kind of gotten used to it. Um, my husband gets razzed a lot about being the uh…the first…”

“He’s the golf coach, right?”

“Yeah, he is the golf coach. He gets razzed about being the first husband. Whatever that thing is, ya know.” More laughter.

“I mean…when ya get called in on the carpet and it’s your husband, ya say, yes, sit down please sir, we have some things to go over…” More laughter.

“That’s right!”

“We’ve had some HR complaints.” More laughter. “What?!”

“No, he’s a great guy. We didn’t have a golf coach and he stepped in and he’s done a great job. And he loves it.”


“Yeah, I know him personally. And he is a super guy.”

“Yeah, he loves the guys so much. Ya know, he spends a lot of time with them. It’s been a great transition. Ya know, he was in business for himself, sold that, and this was a great just kind of a retirement gig for him. So he’s having a good time. Yeah!”

“Good for him.”

“Well, Indiana University Kokomo has a program for accelerated learning for folks who wanna go and knock it out and that’s what you’re here to talk about today.”

“That’s right! Ya know, I’m kinda thinking about graduation coming up in May and we’re pretty excited about that. That’s coming up in just a couple of weeks but then we have to think about the Fall already and we know that there a lot of adult students out there who have some credit hours towards college – maybe a lot of credit hours towards college – but have never finished college and we would love to give them that opportunity to think about finishing that. So we’ve, uh, reinvented a program we call the Accelerated Program so this is where you take a class for 8 weeks and then you can take another class for 8 weeks so it kind of accelerates your degree program and so now because we have so much online you can do it online, you can do one night a week face to face and then the other part online or you can just come and do face to face in the evening. Uh, so we have all kinds of options, all kinds of courses. Most adult students will just finish off with a general studies degree…”


“So let’s kind of bring all those credits together and let’s get you that degree and get you back out into the workforce or get you that promotion that you’re looking for, so…”


“We decided that we thought it would be helpful for adults because they’re so busy to have what we call an adult concierge so Todd Gambill is the guy to call and I’ll give you that number here in a little bit but Todd Gambill will take care of you so if you wanna come back to school you can either get online and chat with him or you can send him an email or you can just call him. Uh, he’ll make sure you get registered, that you get your books, ya know, everything you need to do without necessarily having to come to campus.”

“Well, that’s very convenient, so, uh, one of the big problems I think a lot of people have with this sort of thing is ya know they’ve got a bunch of credits but they may have gotten them somewhere else and are concerned about transferring credits…”


“How’s that work?”

“Yeah, we’ll transfer anything in as long as it’s an accredited university and that’s what’s great about the general studies degree or the Bachelor of Applied Science. That’s another great degree. There’s a lot of people who have a degree from Ivy Tech and it’s an applied degree so like in construction management or…in something that you kind of did a degree so you could do something, right? Um, but, in the past Universities wouldn’t recognize that but Indiana University Kokomo has a degree call the Bachelor of Applied Science, so we’ll take those 60 credit hours that you had, whether it’s in radiography or in construction management and we’ll just say, okay we’ll accept all 60 of those, now let’s get started on that Bachelor’s degree.  In the past, we wouldn’t have probably accepted very many…”

“How far back do those credits… how far… ya know, let’s say somebody’s been in it…”

“Ehh, you can go all the way back, yea…”


“All the way back, I mean credits are credits, right? You know, you earned them and they’re good to go…”


“So…um…so we’re trying to you know the state of Indiana is really trying to get more and more people to complete their degrees. They have a goal of 60% of um…people in the state of Indiana to have some sort of post-secondary credential. Um…by 2025 and that’s a huge goal for us so…”


“So if we could just get more adult students, you know the cool thing about it for example Chrysler pays for that! I mean they’re back paying tuition…”

“Oh wow!”

“You know it used to be that they did, then they didn’t, and now they’re back at it.”

“Before they realized how important it is and what kind of a result you get when you make an investment like that into an individual”

“Sure, sure, sure! Right, and you know they’re very very supportive of higher education and I think to be a supervisor at Chrysler you have to have a Bachelors degree, um… so they very much supportive of education and are willing to pay for it so… if somebody is sitting out there thinking, ‘Wow, you know I’m taking all of these, I’m working all of these hours, how do I ever get that finished so that I can move up at Chrysler?’ Well you can do that online. I mean that’s a really easy way to uh… ”

“I have a friend who is doing that right now…”


“She…she said it was the best thing she’s ever done…”

“Sure, yea!”

“She stays busy! But she does the online courses…”

“That’s right…”

“And uh… kind of abides by her own time but she’s umm… been very very successful with that within the last couple of years. She’s almost done too so…”

“Right, and most people who do it online do it with an institution that’s within 50 miles of their home because they still want to have that connection, because they still want to be able to go in if they have to go in umm… but on a daily basis you’re just cranking it out at your own pace and your own timeframe and trying to get those courses done. So…”

“You…you know you get somebody whose been in the workfield for ya know… ten, fifteen years working ya know…fourty, fifty, sixty hours a week you know…this accel…accelerated program  fits right in to them! And they’re used to workin’ six days a week, and so…ya know…a young student doesn’t have that same type of work experience but this kind of ties in and boom, next thing you know, you’re done.”

“That’s right, that’s right, so… and besides accelerated program obviously were all of our traditional eighteen, nineteen year olds if you haven’t signed up for college yet and you’re a senior you need to get going. Uhh… like big time. So we need you to come on in to the campus and we need to get you signed up and registered and…and get rolling again our average age of our freshman class is eighteen years of age, so… um… about a 95% of our freshman class comin’ in for the day program are really eighteen years of age so, athletics and sororities and fraternaties and…ya know, we’ve got it all at IU Kokomo for the traditional age student. But now this new program will allow us to do a lot of things at night for the adult student.”

“Talking about accelerated…how…how about the growth of IUK?”

“Yea, wow.”

“Ah yea we have grown! We’ve grown a lot uh…in the past six years, each year we’ve had just a record breaking freshman class, a record breaking freshman class, so uh you know we have housing and we have new housing going up on the other side of campus…”

“Yea, right by…by the golf course.”

“Right by the golf course. Yea, so we’ll have housing on both sides of campus. We have kids coming from everywhere, ya know for athletics. So we’ve got a girl coming from Germany to play women’s soccer this fall…um” There is laughter

“We’ve got two guys coming from Canada who play baseball for us so…they come from all over the place to play athletics. And then of course we’re building our new gym! So that is really exciting! The whole start in uh just a couple of weeks, we’ll start digging…”

“So where will they put the…”

“Uh that is right next to you know where the pavilion is that we used to have graduation and then there’s a big area of green grass?”

“Yea… uh huh.”

“Yea, so it will go right there, so it will…”


“It’ll be a…um… a athletic facility for athletics. We’ll still keep the one downtown because we have intramural’s and we just have so many…” 

“That’s a pretty…pretty large project.”

“Oh, it’s a huge project! It’s about a nine-million-dollar project and uh…not only will it be a gym but then there’s another floor that will roll in so that it will be an events center so we can…”

“Oh nice!”

“We can seat 500 people for dinner um…we can have concerts and seats 1100 people for concerts or speakers or…so it’s going to be…it’s just going to transform the campus in that particular way. Um… then we have another great project going on, we had a great donor from Tipton uh… he wants to remain anonymous but he came to campus and…um, kind of saw us growing plants on our window ledges, so he’s building a greenhouse for us and that will be on that side of campus too! So it…”


“It will be a beautiful facility um…so all of our scientists with plant science will be able to uh…um… yea so that’s going on this summer too! So the gym and the…”


“And the greenhouse…”

“Quantium leaps for uh…”

“Quantium leaps! Quantium leaps!”

“Yea! From when I first went to a concert I think maybe as a sophomore in high school and I went to the uh…the…to the auditorium…”

“What, Haven’s auditorium? Yea, yea.”

“The building wasn’t much bigger than the KI building at the time.”

“Oh yea, yea!”

“Well, a little bigger than that.”

“Yea, yea” There is laughter

“But it has grown! Grown a lot!”

“Yea, it has grown a lot and it’s going to continue to grow, right? And uh…it’s just a great resource for the whole region. We do serve 14 communities all the way around us so we go all the way up to Rochester, over to Marion, over to Lafayette, the northern Indianapolis market, that’s all of ours. So we have students comin’ from from all those places, and believe it or not a lot of kids from Rochester, ya know…live across the street. They don’t want to travel. Peru, uh…Frankfort…”

“I wouldn’t!” There is laughter

“No, yea! Right, right! Especially in the winter time, ya know so…and they want that college experience of livin with other kids…”

“Oh, totally. Driving back and forth and all of that too”

“Sure! Sure”

“Just a wild time!” There is laughter

“Yea, just a wild time, yea you’d be surprised all the stuff that is going on and of course ya know, we’ve been able to grow athletics so much because of the support of the city of Kokomo and Mayor Greg Goodnight. You know we used the municipal stadium for baseball for free…


“Oh, wow! 

“We use it for soccer for free. That was written into the contract that if we had athletics, that we’d be able to use that. We use the tennis courts at Foster Park for free…” 

“Yea, that’s amazing.”

“Um…I could not have built an athletic program that quickly…”

“Yea, no…”

“And we have twelve sports now…and I’ve done that in six years. Couldn’t have done it without…but ya know Greg was right, he just said “Sue, why would you build a facility and we have a facility?” And…and why would I go build a baseball stadium to have baseball, it doesn’t make any sense.”

“Mhumm…right, right.”

“Um…so he was really smart about making sure that we partnered on these things and of course everybody wants to play us because they get to play at the municipal stadium.”

“Yea, well right!”

“Uh… I mean Purdue’s even come, IU Bloomington wants to come…I mean a lot of places want to come. It is just a great, great stadium. And we’re looking forward to women’s soccer!”

“Yea, there’s a lot of those out there. Athletics that uh…uhh. You know when IU went up to IPFW at that time and now its just PFW but um…”

“Right, yea.”

“They got beat out there.”

“Mhum, yep.”

“And there was a new law put in, we don’t go anywhere like that anymore.” There is laughter

“Right! Ya know, its supposed to… ya know they’re really great players too, right.”

“Be easy on them when they come here, that’s all I’m sayin’”

“Alright, we will. We will. Hey Matt, I’m telling ya, if you’re going to play IU Bloomington, if you’re listening to me Matt Howard, make sure we don’t beat them. Alright, yea?” There is laughter


“Not, not.” There is laughter

“If…if us you don’t take anything else from this conversation today, from this conversation today, the accelerated uh…uh degree program, no matter if you’re…you have just an associate’s degree or you’re just a couple…uh… credits away from that bachelor’s degree, it’s for you.”

“Right, it is for you! And it provides you with just so many more options, ya know? Anymore today when you get online, what’s one of the first questions they ask you for a job? Do you have a degree?”

“Yea. Yea.”

“And if you say no, you’re kicked out. Right? There’s no way to go kind of show yourself and say hey, but I got 30 year’s experience, or I got 20 years of experience, you just can’t do that because you…you’re not seen until you get to that final part. So, that bachelor’s degree is just crucially important and it is so easy. I know people think, gosh it’s going to take me forever and forever comes quickly. Right, it goes pretty fast. So just take that first step…” 

“Well it takes a year or two of an investment of time and it will change your life.”

“Oh my gosh yea and there are a lot of people like you at IU Kokomo so you don’t have to feel like this odd person out. Just come on over and let us ya know… have a conversation with you and kind of map out what it would look like at least. I mean you can do that, right? That’s an easy way to do it and say okay, what would that look like if I were going to try to finish my degree? How long would it take for me to get there? In addition to taking classes, you can also test out of a lot of stuff.  You can get credit for life experience. Um…so people need to come and talk to use because they’re…you know maybe have been working for 20 years, well maybe let’s give you some credit for that…”

“Yea, wow.”

“Maybe you can take some exams and test out of some of these subject areas.”
“That’s big.”


“So testing out, you can just go in and test over a course… and you can pass it on your own but you don’t have to take it?”

“That’s’ right! There’s like 25 called the DANTES testing. It’s a national test that is done throughout the United States and we participate in it, pretty heavy. And a lot of adult students will do that. So you could test out of public speaking…maybe you are a great speaker, right? And you don’t need to do that, or you could test out of writing, or history, or psychology…”

“None of us are qualified for that.”

“No? You don’t think so?” There is laughter

“As broadcasters you can’t test out of it? yea! There’s just lots of options that people just don’t realize are available to them. they sit there in this job that maybe they’re kind of stuck in. Right? Or they would like to change up their career and go look at something new and something different that would change things up. This would give you that particular opportunity to do that. So…”

“Where do people go for more information?”

“Well, there’s Todd Gambill, so I want to make sure everybody knows about Todd Gambill and the phone number to call for Todd would be 455-9360. And he will take your calls directly. So that’s 455-9360. Or you can just go to and everything is there. We have uh…young woman who will pop up and say do you want to chat? And um…you can chat with her and she’ll get you to the right place too.”

“Alright, well Indiana University Kokomo Chancellor Susan Giesecke. It’s been a pleasure, thanks for joining us today!”

“Thank you, I appreciate it.”

“Thank’s for being here.”

“Okay, you too!”

“Enjoy your day.”

“Alright, thanks!”