Snack and Drink Service

Snack and Drink Service


All items are individual packages

Mini Egg/Cheese Burrito $2
Mini Egg/Cheese/Sausage Burrito $2.75
Yogurt Parfait, fruit & granola $3.45
Yogurt cups $.89
Yogurt cups, Greek style $1.49
Muffin $2
Breakfast Basket $7/per guest
Cinnamon Rolls $2.99
Coffee House Bagels, cream cheese $2.99
Dan Doughnuts $9/dozen Order of dozen increments only
Fruit Salad $3.75 per guest
Whole Fruit $1.25 per piece
Traditional or Multi Grain Croissant $2.99
Chocolate Eclair Croissant $2.99
Spinach Ricotta Croissant $3.50 (Croissant orders require two week notice.)
Gouda Croissant $3.50
Granola Bars $1
NutriGrain Bars $1
Kind Bar, gluten free $3
Assorted Cookies (1oz cookie) $15/dz. Orders of dozen increments only
Pick up from café on disposable tray. (Must place order 3 weeks in advance)
Cookie delivery fee $15
Large Assorted Cookies $2.69/cookie
IU Cookie $3
Brownie $2
Rice Krispie Treat $1.25
Chex Mix $1.25
Trail Mix $3
Chips, individual bags $1.25
Sun Chips, Baked, Miss Vickies Kettle, or Flamin Hot $1.65
Pretzels Crisps $2.75
Soft Pretzel   $3 plain    $3.25 with mustard    $3.50 with cheese
Popcorn, Butter or Kettle    $3      Popcorn, Caramel  $3.75     Popcorn, IUK Mix  $3.50


Drink Service

16 oz. cup
$1.59/cup Includes condiment kit

Hot Tea
16 oz. cup
$1.59/cup Includes condiment kit

Coca Cola Products
20 oz. bottle

Gold Peak Iced Tea
20 oz. bottle

20 oz. bottle
Orange, Cranberry, Apple

Dasani Water, mini
12 oz. bottle

Dasani Water
20 oz. bottle