Cougar Cupboard

Cougar Cupboard: The Food Pantry for Indiana University Kokomo

Online shopping for the Cougar Cupboard is back! In order to increase the health and safety for all, the Cougar Cupboard will not be open for in-person shopping. Now, if you need non-perishables, hygiene items or school supplies, just fill out the online shopping form! Your order will be filled within two business days. Just come up to the Student Life Office in KC210, step inside, and let a staff member know what your order number is, and they will assure you receive your items in a physically distant and safe manner!

Shop the Cougar Cupboard  

How are you supposed to dive into communication theory or be fully present in your clinicals or ace that microeconomics final when your mind is stuck on your financial constraints? We understand how hard it is to focus when you’re worried about where you’ll find your next meal. That’s why we created the Cougar Cupboard, the food pantry for all Indiana University Kokomo students, faculty, and staff.

We’re here because we get it. In fact, the Cougar Cupboard was created by people just like you, students, faculty, and staff who truly care. The Cougar Cupboard is sustained through community volunteering and generosity.

Whether you need non-perishable items, hygiene products, or school supplies, you can find some help in the Cougar Cupboard. There will be a variety of non-perishable food items, hygiene products and school supplies are available to you at no charge. 

Have dietary restrictions? Let us know and we will do our best to help you find items you can eat.