Intern Spotlight

Creating art has always been my passion. This internship will allow me to spread awareness about how the pandemic has taken a very large toll on society. I hope my exhibition will speak to others that are also struggling with their anxiety during this time of need. The goal of my show is to allow artists to express how they perceive the pandemic has impacted daily life.

Kaitlyn Isaac, Curatorial Intern

My internship with the downtown art gallery has given me a first hand experience in a growing gallery and the art business. To be able to work closely with the operations and the developments have helped me gain a new unique perspective.I am excited to see the perspective of others when it comes to the context of my themes and the support and understanding of others artists that come from a similar background as me. To be able to see artists come together first hand over the vividness of our skin will be something to remember.

Nancy Santiago, Curatorial Intern