Careers with an Education Degree

What Can You Do with an Education Degree?

The world always needs compassionate and highly-trained teachers and there is perhaps no other career which inspires and transforms the next generation more than teaching. While many graduates pursue teaching careers with an education degree, the skills you learn in the School of Education at Indiana University Kokomo are invaluable to many career fields. Possible career options with an education degree are seemingly endless!

  • Elementary teacher
  • Middle school teacher
  • High school teacher
  • Adult literacy or GED teacher
  • Training specialist
  • School psychologist
  • Instructional coach
  • Education coordinator in agencies or museums
  • Editor
  • Curriculum developer
  • School administrator such as a principal
  • School counselor
  • Tutor

And those are just a few options! When you graduate with an education degree, you graduate with the interpersonal relationship, research, writing, collaboration, and communication skills that all employers are looking for. It’s always important to remember, though, that your future employers – whether you go into teaching or transfer your skills to another field – are looking for more than just a good GPA. Employers want to know what experiences you have outside the classroom as well.

From participation in students organizations to content minors to real-world service learning and internships, you’ll gain it all during your time in the School of Education at IU Kokomo. With a jam-packed resume and your degree in hand, you’ll graduate this program ready to hit the ground running and begin changing the world. 

Sound Like your kind of future?

If you feel like a teaching degree will help you secure the kind of future you’re after, don’t wait to dive in! The first step to get started is to chat with an admissions counselor today. If you’d still like to do a little more research and would like more information, we offer fantastic resources to students, alumni, and community members. Feel free to contact the Career and Accessibility Center and find out how they can help!

Watch the School of Education Video with Audio Description

Description of the video:

Carrie Kelly Video Transcript

The words, “Indiana University Kokomo, Fulfilling the Promise,” fill the screen.

Carrie Kelly: “On your marks…get set…go!”

Students gather around the teacher who holds her arms up as she counts down to a start time. They stand around a platform where two battle bots with balloons on top are.

Students cheer and yell, “Go!”

Two students use remote controls to move the battle bots around the platform as other students watch intently and cheer.

Three students sit around a desk to work on the bots while being interviewed.

Student is interviewed: “It’s amazing! She’s one of the most funniest and best teachers in the school besides Mr. Harts but, she’s a really good teacher. Man, like…there’s not even any words that you can use to describe…that’s how good of a teacher she is.”

Videographer asks: “What’s been your favorite experience from this class so far?”

Students in unison: THIS!

A wipe-off board with the words, “I Can…” at the top is shown as Carrie talks.

Carrie Kelly: “Alright, so today’s ‘I can’ statement…I can use the design process to build a battle bot. So…what is design process? Someone tell me what the design process is. Yes?”

Carrie Kelly stands in the front of her classroom where students sit in groups in front of her.

Carrie Kelly talks to the camera: “We had previously been working on coding and working and programming a robot and we were working with the sphero. The sphero is the round robot.”

Various groups of students gather around desks to work with school supplies on the desk.

Carrie Kelly’s voiceover: “And so I was taking that as an extension after doing that and we are now going into the design process and the engineering of it and letting the kids get creative and build their own robot. And then next week, we’re going to battle them, so they can battle the bots and see who wins and see if they spent their money and stayed in budget and what designs worked, what designs didn’t work and go back a few weeks and they’ll make design changes.”

Carrie Kelly speaks to her students again: “There’s two ways to win next Thursday. You might win by winning all the battles. That’s awesome, but I am also having a group might win for the most creative design and spending the least amount of money.”

Carrie Kelly being interviewed: “I’ve wanted to be a teacher since, my parents say since the day I was born. I mean, I came out wanting to be a teacher. I can’t imagine doing anything else but that. My focus was just general education and I taught general education prior to being the STEM teacher here. I kind of was recruited for being kinda geeky. [laughter] Because I just love robots and I love coding and I like tech stuff so I kind of was roped into this. This is something new in education.”

As Carrie continues speaking, it shows her sitting down and working with some of her students at their desk, shows her students testing their bots on a platform, and shows Carrie helping her students install things on their bots.

“Education is evolving, always. Always expect the unexpected. And you’re always going to have to be prepared for the changes. It’s never going to be what you expect, so I’ve learned that from being at IU Kokomo. I’ve learned that it’s always going to change. And it has. It’s…it’s…education is changing even in the short period of time I’ve been teaching. I know that it’s…I’m not always going to be doing the same thing every year. And that’s okay. And they taught me how to lesson plan, how to be creative. I think that was something several of my professors tried bringing out in me. It was being creative when I am planning for kids and making education fun so that they’re learning and enjoying it.”

Students cheer as their bots battle each other.

Carrie Kelly being interviewed: “I get to play! I get to play with lots of toys. [laughter] And I get to make the kids smile and that’s the best.”

The words, “For more information on the School of Education, visit” fill the screen.

The words, “Indiana University Kokomo, Fulfilling the Promise,” fill the screen.

Ready to begin your journey?