Mural Competition

Mural Competition

Indiana University Kokomo is planning a mural, approximately ten feet (10’) x sixty feet (60’), to be a permanent part of the Student Activities and Events Center on campus, opening in September, 2020.

There will be a competition to select an artist to design and oversee this production work of art. The selected artist will be paid a commission of up to $20,000, to cover all the artist's expenses, including materials, design fabrication, personal expenses, transportation, self-insurance, and oversight of the mural’s installation on the site.

Any artist who resides in the State of Indiana is eligible for consideration. Initial screening will not require a completed project. Up to five finalists will be selected from the entrants. The finalists will be paid $300 each to develop and present a proposal for the painting. Detailed drawing and specifications should be included in the final proposal. A panel of five judges will make a recommendation to the IU Kokomo Mural Committee, with whom the final decision rests.

Description of Project

In order to have access to the mural for cleaning, the IU Kokomo mural will be painted on six panels, each measuring ten feet (10’) x ten feet (10’). The artist can choose the paint medium, taking into consideration that the mural will be in a public and possibly crowded space filled with natural light.  

The specific content of the mural will be determined by the members of an expansive committee, but the overall themes will focus on the natural and built environments of northcentral Indiana, origins of the IU Kokomo campus, higher education and students, industry, citizens, historic figures, and broad themes of societal relationships, shared history, and cultural elements.

Indiana University Kokomo 75th Anniversary Mural

Eva R. White, Ph.D.

The Mural Design and Content

The organization and use of oral histories from different eras (Coming of Age: a good resource).

3 sections: Then, Now, Future from Seiberling era to today and beyond;  identity migration from local to global, from local to multicultural to meet the growing needs of the community.


  • Urban and Rural: depict the relationship between farming and industry in the Kokomo region.
  • The influence of wars on the campus and the influx of veterans (non-traditional students)to form a varied student body.
  • Disabled students and students of all ages
  • International students

Section One: Then

  • City and country background. The high perspective and use of black and white might be a good way to show the past.
  • 1945 ( near end of WWII)-IU creates the Kokomo extension at the Seiberling Mansion(former Kokomo Junior College)
  • 1965 New campus (S. Washington)

            The Phoenix sculpture

  • The Wellhouse (moved from old campus)
  • Oral history

Secton Two: Now

  • Diversity (all types)
  • Travel/study abroad
  • International Students
  • New buildings
  • Student athletes (varied sports)
  • Oral history

Section Three: Future

  • Destination school
  • Kokomo on the map
  • Lots of color and movement-perhaps a globe

Use a famous quote about the future, instead of the  oral histories we’re using in the two previous sections

Mural References



Submission Procedures

Please provide your name, address, email, website URL, and cell phone number. You must submit a minimum of five examples of your recent work with a maximum of twelve selections in a digital file. Please include the title, date, medium and size for each image. The artist's name should not appear on the images(s). Provide resume (not to exceed two pages). Resume must include three references.

Call for submissions has closed.

If you have questions please contact:

Vice Chancellor for University Advancement


Project dates:

  • Judging begins April 13, 2020

  • Selection of finalists April 30, 2020

  • Presentation of final proposals May 18, 2020

  • Final selection June 3, 2020

Due to corona virus the jury selection process has been delayed. All communication will be conducted through alternate methods.