Freshman Learning Communities

Get the Most Out of Your First Year!

What is an FLC?

FLCs are blocked courses—two courses that are scheduled back to back and have a separate instructor for each course. Additionally, some FLCs may have a student success course attached to them. Students enrolled in these courses benefit from the integrated content: faculty providestudents with valuable content in their respective courses while delivering material and designing activities to enhance the students’ understanding of their interconnectedness and to achieve common course goals.

My FLC was a kick start that strengthened my study skills and will help me excel in all of my other classes.

Alivia Seward

What topics or subjects are characteristic of FLCs?

Some past and present titles include the following:

  • From Page to Screen: The “MEGAsuspense” of Stephen King
  • “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who are you after all?” Exploring Identity through Contemporary Literature and Psychology
  • When Frisky Becomes Risky - An exploration of the predictors and outcomes of our social and health behaviors    
  • Stepping Stones: Imagining, Thinking, and Learning like a Teacher 

What additional advantages for students do the FLCs provide?

Freshman Learning Communities provide a unique experience for entering freshmen. One objective is to acclimate students to a new college environment. FLC faculty not only encourage students to become part of the campus community but also interact with the students outside of class. The FLCs frequently offer both on campus and off campus opportunities that not only engage students in relevant issues but also provide a setting where they can become more acquainted with the professors and classmates. Faculty who teach an FLC are committed to student success and thus prioritize creating an atmosphere of support.

It helped me adapt to college life as well as made me love my campus community.  

Amber Phillips

The Bottom Line: You can enroll in any of these Communities as long as you need the credits.  However, we don’t want you repeating any credit from previous institutions, and we don’t want you to enroll in courses that won’t help you move towards graduation.

Director of Freshman Learning Community/Senior Lecturer in Geology