Job Shadowing & Internships

The Difference Between Job Shadowing and an Internship

Shadowing is a strictly “observation only” experience that lasts for a period of 20 hours or less.

An internship is the experience given to an individual seeking to complete educational program requirements who desires a “limited hands-on” or “project related” experience in one department for a period of more than 25 hours.

Note: Only students who are fulfilling educational program requirements will be considered for internships.

For information regarding the IU Kokomo Campus Health and Wellness Center job shadowing or internship experience, please contact Kim Mossburg, IU Kokomo Campus Health and Wellness Center Coordinator at: 765-455-9572 or email at


Current Job Shadowing / Internship Requirements

In order to participate in this program, the following information must be completed and approved:

  1. Student Placement Application
  2. Confidentiality Agreement
  3. HIPAA training
  4. Blood-borne pathogens training
  5. Knowledge quiz with passing score of 90%

Internship students will be given priority over job shadowing students.


All interns are required to submit the initial paperwork. If there is a lapse in time of more than one year between your student experiences, you will need to resubmit a new set of paperwork.