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Maybe you watched The Wedding Planner a hundred times in a row and know it by heart. Or maybe you live for the next Pacers, Colts, Jackrabbits, or Indians game. Or perhaps your favorite memory is that time you stayed in the most charming bed ‘n breakfast, where you felt less like a formal guest and more like a member of the family. If you are passionate about travel and events, the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Indiana University Kokomo has a spot waiting just for you.

Sa'Mya Jordan, Women's Basketball Manager has a seat in The Red Chair

Sa'Mya Jordan found her place at IU Kokomo as the Women's Basketball Manager and as a Hospitality and Tourism major. She shares her experience about leading from where you are in The Red Chair.

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The career possibilities in this field are endless. It's so amazing that I finally found what I want to do with my life. I love the hands-on aspect of learning in this field.

Bri Rose, B.S. '17, Hospitality and Tourism Management

In our department, we believe in deep study and lively conversations in the classroom coupled with real-world, hands-on experiences out in the field. Our past students have been all over, learning and growing with each trip! Past excursions include a visit to Victory Field, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Churchill Downs, the Louisville Slugger Museum, the Crystal Tea Room, Half Moon Brewery, the Kokomo Country Club, plus many more! With each trip and visit, you’ll learn to apply what you read, discuss, and learn in the classroom to the real-life things you experience with your professors and peers. The faculty in hospitality and tourism management come with a wealth of knowledge from study, teaching, and working in the industry themselves. They’re ready to meet you, connect, call you by name, and prepare you for life after graduation.

Whether your goal is to become a beer and spirits manager or to be in charge of planning events, conferences, and conventions, the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management is where you belong. You can earn a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management or add our minorhospitality-and-tourism/degrees/minors/index to your course of study.

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Description of the video:

Department of Hospitality and Tourism

IU Kokomo: Hospitality and Tourism Video Transcript

The words, “Indiana University, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Kokomo” fill the screen.

As the narration begins, the speaker is shown laying in bed and going about his morning routine of waking up, shutting off his alarm, eating cereal, brushing his teeth, and leaving home for class.

“Every day is different with a few similarities. The alarm goes off, I get out of bed, I eat and brush my teeth, and then I head to class.”

As the alarm on Randal’s phone goes off, the words, “A day in the life of an intern, Randal Latta – Senior” appear on the screen.

A busy hallway and classroom are shown. Randal sits in the front row of a classroom. Professor Heather Kennedy-Eden is shown working in her office. Randal is shown in the hallway, walking into her office. Professor Kennedy-Eden and Randal are shown chatting.

“Throughout the semester, I meet with my faculty advisor, Professor Kennedy. Based on her own experiences in the field, she has shared with me a variety of skills that are relevant to my internship. It’s cool to be able to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom to my work as an intern.”

The camera shifts to Randal’s car as it drives down a Kokomo street and shows Randal walking in to his internship. He meets with his manager and chats with her.

“Around noon, I head to my internship at the Kokomo Visitors Bureau and meet with my manager, Sherry, to see what we’re doing for the day. The Bureau promotes what Kokomo has to offer the city’s visitors. Just recently we celebrated Indiana’s Bicentennial. That was a big day.” 

A white flag for Indiana’s bicentennial is shown fluttering in the breeze and various advertisements and displays are shown for the Bicentennial. Randal is shown setting things up for the celebration.

“We had several prominent citizens representing Howard County, carrying the torch through a route I had previously marked with signs. Earlier in the day, we set up tables and chairs downtown to get ready for the celebration that would take place that evening. I even had to move some trashcans but it’s part of the job.”

Randal passes out flags to students and staff on campus. He walks alongside Kingston Cougar as they rally the crowd. The Chancellor, holding the torch, poses with Kingston and carries the torch down the road.

“Along the route, the torch actually came through campus. I helped with little things like handing out flags to students and staff. I also helped rally the crowd just before the IU Kokomo Chancellor carried the torch. It was a very memorable experience.”

Randal interacts with Sherry in downtown Kokomo, preparing for the celebration.

“Interning with the Visitors Bureau has been awesome. It’s really cool to see the behind-the-scenes stuff and understand how it all comes together.”

Randal shakes hands with Professor Mark Meng in the hallway at IU Kokomo. Randal is shown working at his internship at the Visitors Bureau.

“I’m majoring in hospitality and tourism because I’m sociable and I don’t want to sit behind a desk all day. The internship is helping me develop varying skills, things like managing events, promotion and marketing, and being able to address people’s needs. Overall, my understanding of hospitality and tourism has really blossomed thanks to my time with the Visitors Bureau. 

The words, “Indiana University Kokomo, Fulfilling the Promise” fill the screen.

Indiana University

Hospitality and Tourism Management


Please note that while the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management is housed alongside the School of Business, the department is not accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International which accredits the School of Business programs. The B.S.H.T.M. program is excluded from such accreditation given the relatively low level of business content and the fact that as this newly created program grows, specialized accreditation that is more specifically associated within the hospitality and tourism field will be sought.

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