Careers with a Communication Degree

What Can You Do with a Communication Degree?

Interested in the Department of Communication and Performing Arts but curious how that might translate to a career? A four-year degree is a huge investment and understandably, you probably want to know about the return for all your hard work. Luckily for you, there are all kinds of possibilities for careers with a communication and performing arts degree! Alumni from this department have gone out and worked in:

  • Content strategy
  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • International communications
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Customer service
  • Acting
  • Public relations
  • Event planning
  • Live performances
  • Marketing 

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive; a degree in communications or humanities can be a springboard to any number of careers and paths! It’s important to remember that your future employers are looking for more than a degree and a GPA, though. They want to know what other experiences you’ve had and the things you’ve accomplished during your time in college. A communication or humanities degree prepares you for all kinds of careers and various graduate school programs, but your degree paired with your experience in student organizations, internships, and other work will set your resume apart from the rest!

During your time in the Department of Communication and Performing Arts at Indiana University Kokomo, you can gain it all, from in-class knowledge to real-world internships, to pack your resume full of experience and really wow future employers.

Any of these sound like your dream job?

If you’d like to wind up in one of these jobs, don’t wait to get started! You can chat with an admissions counselor today! If you’d like more information on possible career paths for you, we also offer career counseling and services. Check out what the Career and Accessibility Center has to offer students, alumni, and community members today!

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