Minors in Communication, Music, and Theatre

Minors in Communication, Music, and Theatre

Whether you recite Tennessee Williams for fun, belt opera in your car, or analyze the great speeches of Martin Luther King Jr., you may be interested in the minors offered from Indiana University Kokomo’s Department of Communication and Performing Arts. You can choose from minors in communication, music, and theatre.

One of the best parts about choosing a minor is creating a course of study that is tailored to you and your passions. Pairing a minor with your course of study and experiences here at IU Kokomo can give your resume even more versatility in the marketplace. Exploring a minor outside of your major concentration can also give you the skills to communicate with others outside of your field of expertise.

Learning to communicate effectively is a skill students can take with them virtually anywhere. Students looking to make their course of study more marketable may benefit from minoring in communication. Those within communication can participate in public relations campaigns, IU Kokomo’s student newspaper,The Correspondent, public debates, interviewing workshops, and more.

If music is your forte, students can spend time doing and learning what they love with a music minor. Learn guitar or study the history of music while enhancing your degree. We have a dynamic music department with a variety of clubs, courses, and performances.

Students with a penchant for the spotlight and a desire to be on stage will enjoy minoring in theatre. Students will learn to present themselves in front of a crowd while participating in the annual play or musical or joining the student improv group, SumAntics.

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