Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media, Art, and Technology

Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media, Art, and Technology

Whether you’ve been drawing since you were a kid or you love sculpting and creating something from nothing, perhaps the degree for you is the Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media, Art, and Technology. This Indiana Univeristy Kokomo degree allows you to explore and fine tune your creative skills, molding you and shaping you into a better, more versatile artist.

Rather than siloing you in to one specific aspect of the field, you’ll get to grow laterally, mixing and meshing different techniques and skillsets. For the first half of this program, you’ll work with each of our faculty in the department before you decide how you want to tailor and specialize your degree

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media, Art, and Technology consists of 84 credit hours, divided among a required core, courses within a chosen concentration, art history/theory/philosophy, and senior capstone. This degree features an innovative multidisciplinary approach, with coursework taught by faculty from a variety of fields. Coursework includes topics such as digital imaging, web design, printmaking, graphic design, painting, sculpture, 2D and 3D studio art, video and photography, portfolio development and internships. In addition, all students are encouraged to tailor their coursework and to focus on their particular interests and goals.

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Assessment information for this degree is available from our Assessment landing page.

Tracks for the New Media, Art, and Technology B.F.A.

To further specialize and market your skills, you can choose from either the design track or studio track. You'll work with faculty and advisors to customize your plan

The design track features characteristics that are considered critical to the design process in general and prepare students pursuing careers in a design field such as graphic design or web design. It is focused on, but not limited to: client/organization-based art/design in graphics, video/photography, web, illustration, and commercial art. Students participate in work across all media, but must complete at least 15 credits of 300 or 400 level NMAT courses. 

The studio track features characteristics of studio art practice in general and prepares students pursuing a particular art practice along with a research agenda and thesis that outlines the creative research and conceptual agenda associated with the creative practice. This process intends to prepare the student for the serious pursuit of a Master of Fine Arts or to become an entrepreneurial artist. Students participate in work across all media but must complete at least 15 credits of 300 or 400 level NMAT courses.

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