Careers with a New Media, Art, and Technology Degree

If you have an interest in continuing on to graduate school following your four-year degree, the new media, art, and technology degree prepares you very well for graduate studies. You can continue on to your Master of Fine Arts and study art administration, museum or gallery curation, teaching, art therapy, and art history...just to name a few!

At IU Kokomo, we have designed our program to help you gain real-world experience. To add to your resume and skill set, you’ll find opportunities for your artistic eye and talents all over our campus! You can work for The Correspondent, our student-run newspaper, work with faculty and actual clients from the community in the Design Center, see your work displayed in the art gallery on campus or get your work published in Field, our student-run journal.

Once you graduate and hit the job market, you’ll want to show possible employers that you have both the degree and the experience needed to hit the ground running. When you’re a part of this program, you’ll have experience in a variety of materials, media, and approaches plus real-world experience from internships, research projects, and one-on-one work with faculty. As another bonus, you’ll have enough hands-on work in this program to put together a stunning portfolio to really wow your future employer!  

Let’s get started!

If you’ve been doodling in the margins of your notebooks or painting masterpieces in your head, don’t wait another day to start working on your degree in new media, art, and technology at IU Kokomo. You can get started by talking to an admissions counselor today. If you have more questions about possible career paths you can pursue with a degree in new media, art, and technology, you can also talk to the Career and Accessibility Center where they offer career counseling services for students, alumni, and community members.

Ready to begin your journey?