Careers with a Psychology Degree

What Can You Do with a Psychology Degree?

Learning about the human brain and how people work is an important field for furthering our understanding of ourselves. If you’re intrigued by the field of psychology and wondering what careers are possible with a psychology degree, you’ll find that there are all kinds of opportunities! The Department of Psychology at Indiana University Kokomo prepares graduates for life post-graduation and our alumni have gone on to all different kinds of careers including:

  • Market research analyst
  • Project manager
  • Parole or probation officer
  • Social worker
  • Case manager
  • Researcher
  • Human resources professional
  • Applied behavioral therapist
  • Management

Many students who earn a psychology degree have aspirations to continue their studies with graduate programs. The Department of Psychology at IU Kokomo will prepare you for the demands of graduate school by ensuring you attain the research and writing skills you’ll need. A psychology degree is a great foundation for graduate programs such as forensic psychology, mental health counseling, applied behavior analysis, and many more! If you're inspired to help your community through mental health counseling, IU Kokomo offers of Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling

Bona Vista Programs works with IU Kokomo to provide the placement of interns throughout the year. Many of your Social Science majors have wanted to work with our population of individuals with disabilities. Your students are always driven, dedicated and eager to learn, and we love having them in our programs to gain experience with children and adults in our services.

-Brittnee Smith, Bona Vista

In the Department of Psychology at IU Kokomo, our goal is to prepare you for the world post-graduation, wherever it may take you. We realize that employers are looking for a degree plus real-world experience; we offer all kinds of things to help you make your resume really stand out. As a student here, you’ll gain the knowledge in the classroom but you’ll also be out learning through internships, participation in student groups, and independent research projects working closely with faculty!

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