Virtual Commencement 2020

Departments in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences reading lists of graduates.

Description of the video:

Departments in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences reading lists of graduates

            The screen reads “School of Humanities and Social Sciences: Department of English and Language Studies.” Jim Coby, assistant professor of English at Indiana University Kokomo reads a list of 2020 graduates off to us. “Hannah Lin Berengberg, Bachelor of Arts, English. Courtney Ann Gentry, Bachelor of Arts, English. Macy Elizabeth Jordan, Bachelor of Arts, English. Gabriel Harrison Retz, Bachelor of Arts, English. Mary Thompson, Bachelor of Arts, English. Olivia Jean Wiliford, Bachelor of Arts, English.”

The screen changes to Chris Darr, chair of communication and performing arts at Indiana University Kokomo. He begins to read a list of graduates. “Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Abigail Diane Brown. Cassidy Grace Miles, member of Lambda Pi Eta honor society. Bachelor of Science in Communication, Kaylee Ann Beck, Alexis Dawn Cowan, Braden Drew Dunlap, Bethany Hellen Grayless, member of Lambda Pi Eta, Hannah Ann Bourne with highest distinction and member of Lambda Pi Eta. Taylor Nicole Smith, member of Lambda Pi Eta. Samantha Stewart, member of Lambda Pi Eta, Charles Tyler Wright, John Adam Yount. Finally, the Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts Madison Hair. On behalf of our department, I want to congratulate all of our graduates. Congratulations.”

The screen shifts to Kelly Brown, department chair of criminal justice and homeland security. She begins to read a list of graduates from the department. “The following students have received their Bachelor of Science in criminal justice. Elizabeth M. Bales, John Dennis Breed, Kyle M. Brown, Tiffany Marion Brown, Casey Wade Conley, Gracie Lynn Conwell, Marissa Joan Cottrell, Anissa Michelle Crawl, Tamara Fay Davis, Michael Scott Herb, Alexandra D. Grant,  Jalissa Lynn Green,  Fleur Maria Hernandez Luis, Stephanie Renee Hunt, T’Wana Michelle Giles, Selena Marie Jones, Taylor Renee Kennedy,  Adam Joseph Kirk, Joseph Brian Kistler, Michelle L. Livingston, Nolan Matthew Lowl, Charles Cameron Minsing, Angel Lynn Rance, Caitlyn Elaine Shady, Britney Kayla Sturgeon, Shanice Lacey Shagger, Patrick Garrison Tapson, Madison Taylor Vanatter, Samantha Lynn Van Winkle, Adam David Walters, Taylor Brianne Weddell, James E. Wilkinson, Brighton Matthew Willy. Congratulations graduates from all the faculty in criminal justice and homeland security.”

            The screen switches to Andrew McFarland, chair of the department of history, political science and philosophy. He addresses the audience “the graduates with a bachelor of arts in history and political science are Kelsey N. Ellington, Cameron P. Fry, Phillip Allen Herbie and Tristan I. Lawyers.  The graduates with a bachelors of science in history and political science are Hannah M. Bourne with highest distinction, Jensen Hope Freeman, Hannah Christine Hansen, Patrick John Morin, Eli C. Page with highest distinction and also outstanding student in history and political science for the year, Henley E. Page with highest distinction, Dylan Maxwell Rawls, Matthew David Zimmerman, Michael Ryan Small and Paul D. Williams Jr. Congratulations everyone.

The screen changes to Minda Douglas, chair of New Media, Art and Technology department. She addresses the audience “it is my pleasure to be here today to congratulate the 2020 graduates from the new media art and technology program. So, I will start with the bachelor science. Mitchell Daniel Diedrich, Jaylen Shawn Little and Emily K. Mooninghen. Congratulations. For the bachelor fine arts with a major in new media, art and technology, Chris Burke, who’s graduating with highest distinction, Nicholas Edward Cottongim, Allison Marie Davis Williams with highest distinction, Bailey Elynn Hobbs, with highest distinction, Michael Rey Marley, Francis Ann Rudin, Savannah Crystal Russell, Jared Lee Stanley, Larkin Za Addhar Stevens Avery and Erica Renee Teter. Congratulations to all the graduates.”

The screen shows both Kathy Holcomb, chair of psychology, and Rosalyn Davis, director of the Master’s in mental health program. Holcomb addresses the camera “we are here to read the names of the graduates in psychology. With a Bachelor of Arts in psychology Emily G. Beard, Jenna Ray Kiner, Chloe Elise Morning, Michelle Worthington. And now the names of graduates with a Bachelor of Science in psychology. Bailey Marie Delong, Carly Ann Deardorf with highest distinction, Maria Diego Francisco, Candace Joe Fellows, Delores Francisco Sanchez, Kellan Renee Harden, Kylie Jane Qermine, Kayla Monique Tameka, Mayan Hyatt, Benjamin David Puto, Lindsay Marie Keasling,  Taylor Ann Ludlow, Caitlyn Elaine McCoy, James Earl Montgomery with high distinction, Gracie Nicole Musselman, Mackenzie Nicole Quinn with high distinction and outstanding student in psychology, Brooke Nicole Troutman with high distinction, Erika D. Washington, Justin Cody Ziegler.”

Davis now addresses the camera “and now for the graduates with Master of Arts in mental health counseling. Haley Rhiannon Alexander, Nicole Elle Brown outstanding graduate student in psychology, Rainey E. Elmor, Hannah Chelsea, Sarah Elise Graber, Stephanie Helmer, Alexandra Lynn McCorkle, Nicole M. Moser, Kaylee Unique Owlsbee, Sara Nicole Paragon, Laura Marie Redding, Christina Marie Russel, Jennifer M. Santiago Perez, Alexa Ray Snowden, Fleur Santos Galvez and Brandon Dean Walters.”

The screen now shows Niki Weller, department chair of sociology. “I’m honored to be reading the names of the 2020 grads in sociology. Bachelor of arts, sociology, Brandon Creed Stansbury. Bachelor of science in sociology, Evan P. Amore, Molly Ann Benziger, Alicia Flora Espinosa, Crystal Maybelle Fife, Emily A. Grant, Jasmine Diane Hoss, Madison A. Lavengood, with highest distinction. Madison is also the 2020 outstanding student in sociology. Liston J. Lowks, Ashton Taylor McClain, Karina Mejia, Rebecca M. Morgan, Page Alexandra Nelson, Kaitlyn Sue Orwig. Olivia Jo Poore, Taylor Marie Roberts, Morgan Marie Simpson, Richard Lee Snow, Allison R. Stetz, Lamy M. Thurston, Melody Beth Young. Congratulations class of 2020, we’re very proud of you.”