What is National Survey of Student Engagement?

Research shows that students who are engaged learn more, move further along in their development, and are more likely to persist to complete their degree. The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is an annual survey of freshmen and seniors at colleges and universities across the country designed to help gauge how much students are doing and the kinds of things that make a real difference in their academic and personal development.

Why does IU Kokomo participate?

IU Kokomo is dedicated to developing a campus that inspires students to become more engaged in their education, more committed to their communities, and ultimately more successful in their careers; participation in NSSE helps achieve that goal. With more than 1200 colleges and universities participating in NSSE annually, we can compare our students’ responses to those of students from across the country.

Check back soon for IU Kokomo's NSSE Reports!

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Alumni Surveys

In order to continuously evaluate the quality of programs and services at Indiana University Kokomo, we regularly gather feedback on students’ college experiences, post-graduation outcomes, and perceptions of our institution through the administration of alumni surveys.

Selected results from our 2017 inaugural alumni survey can be found using the link below.