This is a cross-listed graduate/undergraduate hybrid course which provides students with the opportunity to travel to selected countries in order to gain an in-depth and practical understanding of the macro and micro aspects of doing business in those countries. The broader goal of the course is to familiarize students with the environmental dynamics that arise when business activities transcend international borders. A variety of environmental dimensions - economic, financial, political, legal and cultural - are examined, with a major focus on the impact these factors will have on the various types of international business functional operations such as marketing, manufacturing, human resources, accounting and finance. Successful completion of this course should allow students to understand and appreciate the diversity and complexity of the global environment today’s businesses have to grapple with.

Except for two face-to-face orientation sessions and the 10-day trip to Istanbul, Turkey, course instruction will exclusively be online.

In addition to the overall goal stated above, the course will explore aspects of international business management practices in Istanbul, Turkey. The course will consist of classroom sessions held in Kokomo during which students will be given an orientation consisting of a discussion of the course syllabus and other resources, a lecture on Istanbul, Turkey given by a guest speaker from Istanbul, Turkey, and the logistics of the trip. During those sessions students will choose a topic for their research paper, which will be the main assignment of the course. Then students will go on an 10-day trip to Istanbul, Turkey during which they will be provided opportunities to observe Turkish business practices. Students will also be able to interview Turkish/Expatriate managers of businesses in Istanbul, Turkey. This will allow students to gather primary data for the specific topic they chose for their research project.


BUKO-C 566 Issues in International Management (3 cr.) or
BUS-D 496 Foreign Study in Business (3 cr.)

Dates of Travel

Summer Sessions


Approximately $3,488 with 15 travelers. This includes airfare, accommodations, local transportation, and most meals.