KEY Academy

Learning is a lifelong journey

Education doesn’t end when you toss your cap at graduation – it is a lifelong journey.

The Kokomo Experience and You (KEY) Academy provides residents with unique opportunities to engage in robust and hands-on learning experiences to expand their knowledge in topics covering a wide range of interests. These experiences can include immersive events, such as trips to ballparks, opportunities to shadow professionals, guest lectures by experts, and much more.

While the length and format of KEY Academy programs will vary, a typical experience will include 4-6 sessions, usually conducted in person, over the span of a month or two.

All academy programs will typically include multiple experiences, such as simulations, retreats, and field trips developed and led by IU Kokomo faculty.

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The KEY Academy features short-term opportunities to learn about favorite subjects, such as sports, religion, and history or to explore career opportunities through job shadowing, meetings with professionals, and more.