Strategic Priorities

Priority 1

Cultivating thriving, successful students

Objective 1: Develop a strategy for supporting the whole student to graduation.

  • Identify and address barriers to access and persistence to graduation.
  • Develop, catalog, and enhance supports to meet the holistic needs of students.
  • Scaffold student connectedness and belonging on campus.

Objective 2: Facilitate and enhance student learning

  • Empower students to take ownership of their learning.
  • Cultivate students’ relationships with faculty and staff.
  • Build a culture of assessment (in Academic Affairs and Student Affairs) and promote a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Develop a means for convenient, consistent, strategic student communication to increase student knowledge of college success and IU Kokomo campus.

Objective 3: Emphasize career development for students

  • Strengthen curricular and co-curricular career development education and resources for students by integrating career development more closely in the curricula in individual majors (for example, by developing a career map that students maintain with a faculty member and/or advisor).
  • Increase opportunities for student engagement with their future career path.

Priority 2

Distinguishing IU Kokomo as a destination campus for education and employment

Objective 1: Align academic offerings for maximum impact

  • Create an Academic Master Plan for IU Kokomo.
  • Enhance high impact practices, including KEY opportunities and experiential learning across courses and disciplines.

Objective 2: Continue to enrich the student experience. 

  • Enhance the physical environment of campus to meet student needs and their vision of college.
  • Increase student engagement in student life.
  • Enhance students’ pride and allegiance through cultivation of shared experiences and traditions.
  • Cultivate diverse cultural and global opportunities and experiences.

Objective 3: Create an environment for faculty and staff to thrive.

  • Continue to foster internal communication and collaboration for sound and inclusive decision-making.
  • Attend to and invest in employee development, well-being, and morale.
  • Manifest IU Kokomo’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through concrete actions in faculty and staff recruitment and retention efforts.