Minor in Public Administration

If you’ve always been interested in working in a government office to enact change and make the world a better place, the Minor in Public Administration from Indiana University Kokomo is the place for you! Whatever your course of study, adding a minor in public administration can help you tailor your degree to your ideal future career. Whether you want to work in local or federal government, learn the foundational skills you need to succeed right here.

At IU Kokomo, you’ll take several courses that let you dip into this field and tailor it to your interests. With courses ranging from Government Finance and Budgets to Nonprofit Management to Managing Workforce Diversity, you’ll get it all. Each and every course you take with this minor will have you building your skills and knowledge to take with you upon graduation, in whatever role and capacity you may end up. Here, you’ll work with talented, dedicated, and experienced faculty who want to see you learn and grow. You’ll meet peers who love discussing the same kinds of topics you do for hours on end.

If you’ve decided to add the Minor in Public Administration to your course of study, you always want to be sure to work closely with an academic advisor. Your advisor can help you decide which classes to take to fulfill your requirements, fit them into your schedule, and tailor-pick courses that help you go after your goals!   

For the most current requirements for this minor, please visit our Academic Bulletin