Minor in Health Management

Minor in Health Management

Passionate about healthcare and helping to guide and lead people? If you’re looking to learn how you can make a difference in health management, you can earn your Minor in Health Management from Indiana University Kokomo’s Department of Public Administration and Health Management! Adding a minor to your course of study is a fantastic way to specialize your studies to include the fields and areas you love the most.

You’ll have the opportunity to take several classes dealing with health management to earn this minor. With courses ranging from Health Systems Administration to Strategic Planning for Health Care Organizations to Legal Aspects of Health Care, you’ll gain it all. With each course you take with this minor, you’ll be building your skills and knowledge to take with you upon graduation, wherever you end up. You’ll work alongside knowledgeable and experienced faculty who want you to succeed and grow. You’ll meet peers who share your interests to collaborate and grow with.

When choosing your course of study and your minor, it’s important to work closely with your academic advisor to ensure you are meeting your goals, taking the courses that will truly help you advance your future, and getting all the credits you need in order to graduate. 

To find out what the coursework might be for this minor. Fill out your information and follow the prompted steps to arrive at a sample degree map. 

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