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An Education that Works Anywhere

From management to marketing, finance to accounting, in the world of business, it is imperative to not only be knowledgeable but highly competitive, too. In the School of Business at Indiana University Kokomo, we believe in giving you the cutting edge. You'll graduate with a well-rounded and jam-packed resume full of an in-the-classroom theoretical foundation, real-world hands-on experience through internships and more, plus opportunities to network with peers and future employers. 

When you graduate from the School of Business at IU Kokomo, you’ll hold a highly-regarded, prestigious degree that indicates you’ve been through a rigorous, AACSB program, learning from and growing alongside outstanding faculty. Whether you enroll in our undergraduate programs, graduate programs, or add a minor in business, you’ll graduate ready to take on whatever comes next.

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Business Video Transcript

School of Business offers an education that works anywhere.

The camera is looking out of a bus window at a foggy day. A car is seen driving beside the bus. The camera shifts to look out of the front window of the bus. The windshield wipers are on. Signs indicating exits and roads can be seen out the windshield. The word Travel appears on the windshield.

A still-shot of three images is on the screen. The top left image features the letters FCA. The top right image is a group of students smiling at a camera. The bottom image is a continuation of the top left image and continues on to say Poland. The word Overseas is superimposed over the images. The word Overseas remains over a picture of students standing and smiling at a camera with a cityscape.

One student holds up a purple umbrella. An image of a student smiling appears in front of a large building.

The word Overseas remains on the screen.

The screen goes back to video footage as the camera peers out of the windshield at the Chicago cityscape on a foggy day. Other cars can be seen on the road.

A scene of several students standing and speaking with workers at a store is now visible. Potting Mix can be seen on a shelf.

The words Experiential Learning appear on the screen.

The camera scans the Chicago cityscape. People mill about. The Indiana University logo appears along with the words School of Business, Indiana University Kokomo. A time lapse from night to morning of more cityscape show headlights driving by quickly on a road is shown under the superimposed School of Business logo.

The camera now shows the ENACTUS conference. People sit in chairs as others speak on the stage. The audience begins to applaud as the words Make an Impact are superimposed on the screen. Footage from the hallway outside the conference shows people milling about as a student begins speaking.

Seanna Redman is shown sitting and being interviewed: So joining Enactus at IU Kokomo, it was where I first got introduced to the professors and a lot of people on campus.

Scene of students interacting at the conference while Seanna’s interview goes on.

The camera now shows a table at the Enactus conference for Unilever. Students interact with people at the conference.

Seanna Redman is still speaking: We really just build relationships and learn networking in Enactus and you get more confidence in the business world, so when we go to job fairs here in Chicago, or St. Louis, or possibly Kansas City in the future, it really just gives you more confidence.

Seanna Redman is shown sitting and being interviewed: You go up to those people, you make that elevator speech quick, and you know you get those callbacks and it just really prepares you for the future.

Students are shown interacting at a store.

Brandon Mock speaks as the words, Consult with Local Businesses appears on the screen.

Brandon Mock is shown sitting and being interviewed: It's interesting to see a small business and to learn more about them because I have aspirations maybe one day to own my own business.

Students are shown interacting with business owners in a warehouse.

Brandon Mock is shown sitting and being interviewed: And obviously, it's probably gonna start off small. And just to see you know capture their experiences and see where I can leverage, or learn from, in any way shape or form. I'm always looking to improve. Any conversation you have with anyone you can, you know, learn something. You can use it.

Students are shown walking together as the words, Overseas Travel, appear on the screen.

Allison Hopkins is shown sitting and being interviewed: You make your college experience how you want to make it. As soon as I started I got my foot in the door and I started being a club member at Enactus and then those connections I made through Enactus, and with my faculty and other classes, led to an amazing international trip overseas to England that has just snowballed, and there's just more opportunities and doors that just keep opening throughout my experience.

As Allison Hopkins continues speaking, clips are shown as follows: Students are shown preparing for their presentation at ENACTUS. Student is shown interacting with a professor before the ENACTUS presentation. Allison and two other students are shown smiling for the camera in front of a London, England cityscape. Students interact with people at the ENACTUS conference standing in front of a booth talking about healthy eating on its signage. Allison shakes hand of booth worker. Picture of a large group of business students in Poland smiling for the camera is shown on screen.

Mahuuso Tossou: Poland was great.

Still image of FCA Poland sign appears. A group of students pose for the camera with their hosts, Delphi in Poland.

Mahuuso Tossou is shown sitting for an interview: The most important thing that this experience taught me is to take into consideration people from different origins. It's a big melting pot right now and to get a good job you have to kind of dive into expanding your knowledge about culture.

A still image of students posing for a group picture on an international trip.

Mahuuso Tossou is shown sitting for an interview: And it's important for managers who work outside of the United States to conduct business to know... to know that. And I think I have a small leg up on most people when it comes to traveling.

Students pose and smile for the camera under the FCA Poland sign.

Students pose and smile for the camera on an international trip to Poland.

Mahuuso Tossou is shown sitting for an interview: The only thing will be to learn more about the way they conduct business in their country so I can adapt.

Students are now shown interacting with business owners in a warehouse as the following words appear: For more info on the School of Business visit:

The words remain on the screen as scenes of students interacting with business owners in a warehouse and with booth workers at the ENACTUS conference appear.

The words Indiana University Kokomo, Fulfilling the Promise appear under a red tab with the Indiana University logo on it. The website address,, appears below the words.

Students are shown walking and engaging with each other at the ENACTUS conference.

The screen fades to black.

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470 Students traveled since 2016  

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